May. 21, 2018 UPDATE

Soba and udon have always been loved by the people of Kyoto

Soba and udon noodles are Japanese comfort food.

The history of soba and udon in Japan is actually really long, Japanese people have known soba and udon for around one thousand years.

I don’t know but maybe it is because of this history that I sometimes just really want to eat soba or udon. I run into a restaurant to taste those fragrant noodles with the delicious dashi soup that goes down so well. I smell the fragrance of the bonito and kelp stock and slurp the noodly deliciousness. Mmm… yummy! I wonder why soba and udon make my heart flutter.

In this feature article I am going to find out what makes Japanese people love soba and udon. Of course there are many famous and long-established restaurants in Kyoto. I am going to introduce many long-established restaurants that have been loved by many generations of Kyotoites, but I am also going to establish the latest and hippest in the world of soba and udon. In part two I am going to introduce to you the cool and fashionable way of using soba restaurants as pubs. Drinking at soba restaurants was called “sobayanomi” in Japan 300 years ago. Nowadays many young people don’t even know about “sobayanomi”. But drinking at soba restaurants is not like drinking at pubs, it is cooler. I am going to introduce you the best places to do “sobayanomi” and how to enjoy it to the fullest.

Welcome to the profound world of soba and udon. After reading this feature article I am sure you will want to fly to Kyoto and enjoy the fragrance and taste of soba and udon. Let’s all get immersed into the world of soba and udon!
Part 1The soba noodle restaurants you just have to visit in Kyoto!
First I am going to introduce to you the most famous soba noodle restaurants in Kyoto! All the restaurants I am going to introduce to you are old and established, some having a history that goes back 500 years, always being a part of the lives of the people of Kyoto …
Part 2How about a drink with some soba noodles before dark?
My absolute favorite way of enjoying soba noodles is with a drink. Drinking at a soba noodle restaurant is very chic. The roots of drinking at soba restaurants can be traced back 300 years. Originally soba restaurants were a bit like present day izakaya bars; an oasis …
Part 3These are the udon noodle restaurants in Kyoto you cannot miss!
Speaking of Kyoto, most of you must be thinking of boiled tofu or kaiseki, a type of Japanese haute cuisine. Of course eating these Kyoto delicacies must be a special experience for travelers. But on the other hand, did you know that really many food enthusiasts come to Kyoto …
Part 4Soba and udon noodles out of the ordinary
In the last part I am going to tell you about soba and udon noodles that are out of the ordinary. Japanese people have always loved soba and udon. Especially udon, which was born around a thousand years ago, and which was already popular all around Japan in the 17th century …

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