Oct. 15, 2018 UPDATE

The tea culture of Kyoto

The tea culture of Kyoto is very old, and you can even find the oldest tea field in Kyoto in the area of Takao, at the World Heritage Site of Kosan-ji Temple. Tea ceremony and matcha are maybe the most important part of tea in Kyoto, but there are also many other types of delicious teas in Koyto, some with a lot of umami, some with a more grassy taste, and some that have a nice smokiness to them.

Read below if you want to know more about the types of teas you can find in Kyoto, like gyokuro, kabusecha, sencha, hojicha, and many more.
Part 1How to enjoy Japanese tea in Kyoto
Green tea and matcha are probably the most famous types of Japanese teas, and the area of Uji in Kyoto is especially famous for matcha. But there are actually many other types of teas enjoyed in Kyoto …
Part 2Tea ceremony in Kyoto
When it comes to the tea ceremony, Kyoto can be said to be the birthplace of this ritual. Or at least Kyoto is the place where Sen no Rikyu heightened this ceremonial way of enjoying …
Part 3Enjoying Japanese tea at temples
If you feel that a whole tea ceremony is a bit too much, the temples of Kyoto offer you a chance to enjoy matcha in a more relaxed yet also very traditional manner. Most of the temples where you can drink …
Part 4Kyoto specialty: Japanese tea sweets
When it comes to Kyoto and sweets, there are many traditional Japanese sweets shops here with hundreds of years of experience behind them (such as Awamochi-dokoro Sawaya, which has …

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