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Extraordinary Kaiseki Dinner in Kyoto
Part 3

Enjoy Japanese cuisine! Who knew Japanese food could be this much fun?

Here, we will introduce some restaurants where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine while staying relaxed and unwind. When you hear the words, “high quality kaiseki restaurant” you probably expect a special experience, but that expectation also comes with a side of uneasiness. You may be left feeling intimidated by a sense of formality and an uncertainty about how you ought to behave. You get nervous...
These feelings can easily diminish your willingness to try Japanese food such as kaiseki cuisine. What a terrible shame that is!
If this sounds like your case, we’re here to help. In this part, we will be introducing a range of carefully chosen restaurants where customers can overcome their mental barriers and enjoy Japanese cuisine without the stress. We will introduce famous kaiseki restaurants renowned for their flexibility and helpful service, friendly for both foreign visitors and parents with children are welcome, as well as restaurants whose staff don’t speak English, but proprietors are good-humored and plenty of hospitality.
It’s such a shame to miss your chance to enjoy Japanese cuisine simply because you don’t know much about it or you’re unsure about how you should behave. Enjoy Japanese food—Japanese food is wonderful! It really is the best! For an absolutely unforgettable night in Kyoto, we will introduce four of the very best restaurants here.
And now, let’s go out and enjoy Japanese cuisine in Kyoto!
Excellent service in English! Famous kaiseki restaurants renowned for their helpful, reassuring service
Kyoto Wakuden
Kyoto Wakuden
Enjoy famous Kyoto restaurant Wakuden’s kaiseki cuisine for a reasonable price at Kyoto Wakuden. Right next to Kyoto Station, this restaurant is frequented by foreign tourists, and so their service is impeccable. Of course, there are special courses available for children, and families can choose separate courses for each person. The restaurant will do as much as it can to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences. Located by Kyoto Station, the gateway to Kyoto, this restaurant is the perfect introduction to Japanese cuisine. Why not start your Kyoto trip here?
You can’t top these restaurants when it comes to ambience and passion! Restaurants with hospitality aplenty, where you can meet the proprietor face-to-face
Jiki Miyazawa
Jiki Miyazawa
Popular Kyoto restaurant Jiki Miyazawa has been awarded a Michelin star. It has earned stellar reviews from travel websites in Japan and abroad. Both Japanese and foreigners often rave about the restaurant, which is also extremely popular with tourists. The food is of course excellent, as is the service provided to foreign tourists. The staff’s eagerness to ensure customers have a good time makes for an excellent display of hospitality. Reservations are necessary as the restaurant is very popular. They are also open for lunch, so be sure to take some time out of your schedule to pay a visit.
en(燕) is a Japanese restaurant right within a walking distance of Kyoto Station. Few restaurants serving only a la carte dishes offer service in English, and it isn’t uncommon for them to turn away foreign tourists. However, as the proprietor of this restaurant spent time training in New York and speaks excellent English, foreign tourists are given a warm welcome here. With a wide variety of a la carte dishes that pair excellently with Japanese sake, we have confidence recommending this restaurant to those who wish to enjoy the most authentic Japanese cuisine and sake.
Japanese Cuisine Sakai
Japanese Cuisine Sakai
Japanese Cuisine Sakai is located to the south of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. It is a Japanese restaurant where one gets to enjoy meticulously created dishes cooked by the friendly and gentle chef. Japanese Cuisine Sakai's biggest draw is how the dishes taste very elegant, yet comforting and somehow familiar. Reflected in the dishes is the personality of the chef, who strives to offer his hospitality toward all guests. Although he cannot speak English, he is full of generosity, and is sure to extend his courtesy to every customer. This is an excellent Japanese restaurant that makes you want to share the moment with special guests. To spend the best night in Kyoto, go to Japanese Cuisine Sakai.
We’ve introduced first a classic choice well known for its high quality kaiseki cuisine, then the latest modern Japanese dining in Kyoto, and finally a Japanese restaurant with a more relaxed atmosphere. Even so, as you can probably guess, this is just a small taste of the Japanese cuisine that Kyoto has to offer.
And of course, you weren’t forgetting about the best companion for Japanese food, sake, were you? Sake and Japanese cuisine are completely inseparable! In the final part, we will introduce sake and Japanese cuisine pairings. If you can choose the right sake to go with a Japanese meal, you’re well on your way to being an expert in Japanese cuisine!

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