Oct. 11, 2021 UPDATE

Kyoto's World Heritage Level Autumn Leaves – What’s Your Plans? Kyoto Autumn Feature

Have you seen autumn in Kyoto? When most people in the west think of autumn, they usually think of the yellow maple leaves of places like the maple road in Canada and the Westonbirt, National Arboretum in England. However, in Japan, autumn is marked by the vibrant, warm, and mainly red colors of Japanese maple trees. These bright red maples are such a staple in Japan that they have come to be thought of as the symbol of all of Japan’s four seasons.

Due to its natural basin like terrain, Kyoto sees sprawling areas of tree-covered hills and mountains. This leads to one of the best things about Kyoto, the fact that you’re sure to catch the vibrant autumn leaves somewhere around the city.
In early November, you will see slight tinge of color on the leaves, but if you want to see the full-blown deep red tones of Kyoto’s autumn, then we recommend coming in late November to early December. However, as there are years when the temperature and weather make the leaves suddenly all change color over a single week, specifying the best time to see the leaves is tricky.

Known for its sprawling greenery, temples, and shrines, Kyoto is also home to a great number of different autumn spots. In this year’s autumn feature, we’ve compiled Sharing Kyoto’s top picks for the best autumn leaf spots around Kyoto and categorized them by the different ways to enjoy them.
So this year, pick an activity that suits you and let's go stare at some leaves!
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