Mar. 11, 2020 UPDATE

Recommended Places to Visit during Kyoto's Cherry Blossom Season

Every year, spring brings a wave of sentimental feelings to the people of Japan. With many starting new schools and new jobs in April, cherry blossoms have become a symbol of encouragement throughout the country.

Cherry blossoms, also known as sakura in Japanese, are often used as the symbol of Japan.
Nowadays cherry blossoms can be seen in places across the globe, like Washington D.C., because the Japanese government gives the trees as presents to foreign states to strengthen international relations.
In Japan, there are about 300 different types of cherry blossoms. Among them, Somei Yoshino the type most familiar with Japanese people.
Interestingly, most cherry trees are planted, so all the trees in a given area are likely to be related and share the same DNA. This means they tend to blossom and lose their petals at the same time as each other.

From March until May, the entirety of Japan is swept with cherry blossoms.
Nonetheless, you don't want to miss the historical city of Kyoto during this wonderful season. We hope that you'll enjoy the cherry blossom season the same way the people of Kyoto do.
From wonderful walks by canals lined with cherry blossoms to feeling the spring breeze on your skin as it swirls petals off the trees, there are so many incredible things ways to experience spring in Kyoto.
Part 1Strolling Under Cherry Blossoms
For a nice, early morning cherry blossom-filled walk, we recommend heading to east Kyoto. Start from the north-eastern Ginkaku-ji Temple and head south through the Philosopher's Path. Keep heading down the path until you reach the Keage Incline.
Part 2Cherry Blossoms Downtown
Each area in Kyoto has a distinctly different vibe. In spring, cherry blossoms line the banks of the beautiful Kamo River and make it one of the best spots in the city for a mid-spring walk. While on the opposite side...
Part 3Nighttime Cherry Blossom Displays
The middle of the day isn't the only time to enjoy cherry blossoms in Kyoto. Spectacular nighttime displays are held throughout spring at several temples and other locations to shine the spotlight on the beautiful...
Part 4Off-season Cherry Blossoms spots
Not sure if you can make it to Kyoto during the peak cherry blossom season? No worries, as Kyoto is home to a wide variety of cherry trees that bloom at all different times! At the Hirano Shrine alone there are over 60 different...

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