Oct. 25, 2021 UPDATE
Recommended Places to Visit during Kyoto's Cherry Blossom Season
Part 4

Off-season cherry blossom spots

Not sure if you can make it to Kyoto for the full bloom? There are actually a wide variety of cherry trees in Kyoto whose blooming periods differ according to type. For example, there are 60 different types of cherry trees at Hirano Shrine. Although peak cherry blossom season in Kyoto is around late March to mid-April, it’s still possible to see cherry blossoms late in April thanks to late-blooming cherry trees. Many different types of cherry trees are planted throughout Kyoto filling the city with multiple shades of white and pink flowers. Consider making your visit extra special by visiting the places suggested below. Even if you miss the peak period, there will still be chances of viewing gorgeous blossoms. If you really did miss the cherry blossom season, you don’t have to worry about that either. Cherry trees are sure to blossom again next year!
Hirano Shrine
Hirano Shrine is home for 400 cherry blossom trees consisting of 60 different types. Among them 10 types are especially unique. This shrine is one of the most famous spots for cherry blossoms in Kyoto and some locals consider Hirano Shrine as their favorite cherry blossom spot. The nighttime illumination is held from around late March to early April, and it’s something worth going to. Also check out the venders selling festival foods. Because of the variety of cherry trees in Hirano Shrine, the chances are great that visitors will be able to view the flowers as they bloom periodically throughout the spring season.
Five-story pagoda stands in the background of blooming cherry trees at Ninna-ji Temple during the spring season. Famous for the late blooming cherry trees, Ninna-ji is also a popular spot. Beautiful flowers of Yaezakura, a type of cherry tree with multiple layers of petals, bloom in Ninna-ji Temple along with the famous Omurozakura trees attracting many visitors every year for the magnificent scene. The cherry trees at Ninna-ji are also known for their short height and how close people can get to these graceful blossoms.
Taizo-in Temple Special Springtime Tour
Taizo-in Temple is one of the sub-temples located inside Myoshin-ji Temple. Special tour and meal plans are offered during the cherry blossom season. Sit in front of stunning blossoms with shojin ryori, or Buddhist vegan cuisine, made by a Michelin rated chef. The garden at Taizo-in Temple is absolutely beautiful. Remember to make the reservation in advance online, only limited spots are available!
Yoshihiro’s Kyoto Style Confectionery Class
Sakura sweets available all spring season! Want to see cherry blossoms, but it’s a rainy day? Viewing the cherry blossoms is not the only way to enjoy the spring season. During spring season in Japan, Sakura flavored sweets fill the stores. From traditional Japanese sweets to modern day snacks like KitKat, there are so many delicious things to try. So how about making your own Japanese confectioneries with in the shape of a cherry blossom? Traditional Japanese confectioneries are strongly influenced by the scenery of flowers that reflect the seasons. It’s also an experience you can still enjoy in an event of rain. Experience some Japanese culture by creating and eating your own Japanese confectioneries.

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