Apr. 13, 2018 UPDATE

4 Ways To Enjoy Gardens In Kyoto

Gardens have been part of the Japanese culture for centuries, and Kyoto being the old capital of Japan, principles of garden creations was popularized in this very same land. Through history of destroying and rebuilding of the city, some gardens remain for over 1000 years mostly in temples, and that is something Kyoto can be proud of. There are countless gardens in Kyoto, some are ancient while others are modern, and appreciating them will take your soul on a unique time travel.

Not only there are different types of gardens with variety of qualities, there are also different methods in appreciating them. We picked up 4 different ways to enjoy gardens in Kyoto and introduce them to you in 4 different parts. Within different ways to enjoy gardens, you will sure to appreciate the art in which garden designers created. What’s behind the design is something deep, yet visually looks simple at times. What was desired in a garden changed in different eras, that’s also something enjoyable to look and compare.

We hope that you will get a chance to see several different gardens and consider the different ways of appreciating them. From abundant garden choices you can choose from, we are confident that you will find very memorable ones here in Kyoto.
Part 1Walk Through Pond Gardens
Walk inside of a large garden and take your time strolling around beautifully maintained paths. Look for Chisen Kaiyu-shiki gardens, a term used for strolling garden with pond. Chisen Kaiyu-shiki gardens are designed for strolling purposes, and they often feature small bridges and stone lanterns. …
Part 2View Gardens like Observing Real Life Still Pictures
Some gardens are to be appreciated by sitting down and taking a moment to intake its beauty for relaxations. Perhaps take in some inspirations or have a moment to reflect on your thoughts. Learn a bit about its history and place yourself in the garden created in different eras.…
Part 3Be in Peace by Zen Gardens
The teachings of Zen came to Japan having significant influences in the country by 13th century and also contributing to the lives of samurai. Based on meditation, practice of Zen is continuously sought upon from people all over the world. …
Part 4Appreciate Garden Designs in Limited Space
Most closely related to common backyard gardens, tsuboniwa is a term used for gardens in limited space such as in personal properties. Although gardens are often seen in temples, there are also gardens found in small spaces like in machiya houses,…

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