Aug. 10, 2021 UPDATE
4 Ways To Enjoy Gardens In Kyoto
Part 4

Appreciate Garden Designs in Limited Space

Most closely related to common backyard gardens, tsuboniwa is a term used for gardens in limited space such as in personal properties. Although gardens are often seen in temples, there are also gardens found in small spaces like in machiya houses, or traditional wood houses, personal homes, and cafes.

Some personal homes and temples include a type of garden called chaniwa, which welcomes guests with a path through a garden leading them to tea houses. Also as part of a hospitality gesture of the host, beautiful gardens complement services to guests such as in modern cafes. Make visits to the recommended places below and enjoy some tea time with an incredible garden view.
Marukyu Koyamaen
Marukyu Koyamaen (located in Nijo Castle area)
Established in Genroku Period (1688 – 1704), Marukyu Koyamaen offers high quality tea for many generations. The tea is produced in Uji, Kyoto, a city famous for tea production. In this café located near Nijo Castle, you can enjoy green tea and some desserts in a modern Japanese style setting while looking over the garden that can be viewed through the wide glass windows.
ex Café (located in Arashiyama area)
By the window are beautiful garden-view seats that will bring you to a relaxation mode. Check out some dessert items like Tenryu-ji Parfait, which is arranged to resemble the garden of near-by Tenryu-ji Temple. There are also tatami seating with great garden views as well.
Toraya - Karyo Ichijo Branch (located in Imperial Palace area)
At this branch of Toraya, the interior resembles more of a contemporary museum than the common old wooden Japanese style structure. The sweets offered here are of traditional Japanese confectioneries. Sit in front of the beautiful open view of the garden with vermillion colored torii gates and traditional Japanese storehouse that is said to exist since the Edo period (1603 – 1868). Enjoy some matcha green tea and sweets at this wonderful location.
Ohashi Family Garden (located in Fushimi Inari area)
Take a close-up look on a garden in an actual family home. Ohashi family welcomes those who are interested in observing the garden by appointments. It’s a great treat to listen to the kind owner explaining about the history behind this garden and the design of the garden which was done by Jihei Ogawa, a famous gardener who was also involved with creation of the garden in Heian Jingu Shrine. The Suikinkutsu (water harp cave) in the garden is over 100 years old and is the oldest in Kyoto.

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