Aug. 07, 2019 UPDATE

Drinking and Walking through Kyoto Summer Nights

The best way to enjoy hot summer nights in Kyoto has to be Nomi-aruki, or bar-hopping.
After a long day of trecking around smoldering hot sightseeing, nothing beats grabbing some friends and hitting the breezy streets of night time Kyoto for a good, cold drink.
Kyoto is home to a slew of Nomi-aruki spots, making bar-hopping a great way to enjoy nights in Japan’s ancient capital.

The walks in between the bars can't be understated either, as those late-night strolls through the ancient streets are one of the biggest highlights of bar hopping in this city.
The nearly deserted streets lit by the dim light of traditional paper lanterns give off a dramatically different atmosphere from the day, making these walks as interesting and fun as any of the bars you'll visit.

In this Nomi-aruki Feature, the writers of Sharing Kyoto introduce you to their favorite ways to enjoy summer nights in Kyoto.
So, grab some friends, and with these articles in hand, hit the streets of Kyoto for some summertime bar hopping!
Part 1Kiyamachi – A staple of any night out in Kyoto!
In this part, we’ll introduce you Kyoto’s most popular bar and club district, Kiyamachi. Kiyamachi has got to be …
Part 2An evening stroll down the cobblestone streets of Sannenzaka, Ninenzaka, and Ishibe-koji
This part of our Kyoto Nomi-aruki feature showcases the Sannenzaka, Ninenzaka, and Ishibe-koji area; including highlights and a recommended route …
Part 3Master Kyoto and enjoy a magical night in Pontocho
In this part, we’ll introduce you to Pontocho, a street filled with long-standing restaurants, and bars aimed at more in-the-know …
Part 4Late Night Walks Through Hanami-koji – A beauty only seen at night!
In the final part of our Kyoto Nomi-aruki Feature we introduce the highlights and most photogenic spots of one of the best places for late night walks …

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