Sep. 30, 2018 UPDATE

Kawadoko in Kyoto: an outstanding summer dining experience

Summer in Kyoto means kawayuka – riverside dining. Kawayuka is also called “nature’s air conditioner.” In summer Kyoto gets humid and very hot; so many people escape this weather to the kawayuka dining platforms.

When you talk of kawayuka in Kyoto, the one by the Kamo River, often shortened yuka, is probably the most famous. There are different styles of kawayuka in Kyoto, and they’re enjoyed in different ways. One of the most exciting things about the kawayuka by the Kamo River is the way you can enjoy different types of food, from Japanese washoku to such international cuisines as French and Italian. In Kibune you get to enjoy your food on top of a river, and in Takao, you get to enjoy the cool air and be surrounded by nature.

So, this time we are going to introduce to you three different areas and three different types of kawayuka, by the Kamo River, in Kibune, and in Takao.
Part 1About kawadoko and yuka and their differences
Kyoto is in a basin surrounded by mountains on three directions, so the summers of Kyoto are everything but windy and have always been, and to this day are, very hot. And not only is it hot in Kyoto, but it’s also very humid. This sauna-like weather makes …
Part 2Traditional and Innovative Kawayuka in Kamogawa area
Kawayuka is an intrinsic part of summer life in Kyoto. Especially, those along the Kamogawa River are packed with people trying to fully enjoy this culture. Since Kawayuka is located in the center of the city, it’s accessible even though you aren’t familiar with Kyoto. It’s great to dine out at the Kawayuka terraces, but …
Part 3Kyoto-style kaiseki lunch on top of the Kibune River
In Kyoto, you often hear talk of riverside dining or waterfront dining. So you get to sit on a platform that is by a river, and you get to enjoy the views. This is a very nice way of enjoying the hot summers of Kyoto, though there is a place where you get to eat on top of a river, not by it, and …
Part 4Excellent views with excellent food at Kyoto’s green wonderland, Takao
Takao is an area of Kyoto that is a bit remote, but very famous for its autumn leaves. It’s also a nice place to get away from the hotness of Kyoto’s summers, as it’s a mountainous area where the temperature is around five degrees lower than in the city. Takao is an area that …

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