Nov. 30, 2018 UPDATE

The Sticky Rice Cakes the Japanese People Can’t Get Enough Of!

Have you had “mochi” (Japanese Rice cakes)? Since there are a lot of famous Japanese confectionery shops and teahouses in Kyoto, you may have already tried Warabi-mochi or dumplings. However, these are not exactly mochi. Then, what is mochi? It is food made from mochi rice, and looks white, and has a sticky texture. The white object is bland as it as, so they are often eaten with some seasonings or broth soup after grilling or boiling. It might be not familiar to you if you are from out of Japan, but for Japanese, traditional ingredient from an ancient time.
We will feature “Kyoto’s mochi” in this article. Kyoto has many Japanese confectioners, not to mention temples and shrines, no wonder classic, recommended rice cake or events are found.

This time, we are going to introduce mochi rice cake from 3 different points of view, “learn”, “eat”, and “make.” In Part1, you can see the representative mochi-food “zoni” and also Kyoto’s local zoni. Part2 shows you sweet mochi at Kyoto’s teahouses. Then Part3 comes, get to know mochi-related events take place in temples and shrines. Finally Part4! Sharing Kyoto members have actually practiced mochi-making!

We are very happy if you find “mochi” attractive through our features.
Part 1Have Kyoto’s zoni soup!
Firstly, let us introduce “zoni”, a Japanese traditional cuisine. Zoni is broth soup seasoned with soy sauce or miso with rice cake called “mochi” and some ingredients. In japan, it is often eaten on New Year’s Day, and has been classical food for a long time. “Zoni” is somehow special for us Japanese …
Part 2Have many kinds of mochi at Kyoto’s teahouse!
Part1 featured on “Zoni”, soup with mochi rice cake, but the way to enjoy mochi is not only one. Normally mochi itself doesn’t have taste so seasoning is a point. As you can enjoy as a meal and sweet, no matter whether you have a sweet tooth. Let us introduce you some of standard ways to enjoy mochi from a number of dishes …
Part 3Find mochi-related events in Kyoto!
Part1 and Part2 have spotted “eat mochi”. Have you found fascination knowing many different dishes like zoni, zenzai, and abekawa-mochi? Then, it’s time to learn festivities Japanese have around New Year …
Part 4Have mochi at home!
We introduced various ways to enjoy mochi and mochi-related event in part 1, 2, 3. If you have kept reading the feature, must know a lot about it! You have learned zoni culture, had mochi plate at Kyoto’s teahouse and known some mochi-event. Now make mochi on your own! It is not difficult, just going to a convenience store or supermarket …

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