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The Sticky Rice Cakes the Japanese People Can’t Get Enough Of!
Part 4

Have mochi at home!

We introduced various ways to enjoy mochi and mochi-related event in part 1, 2, 3. If you have kept reading the feature, must know a lot about it! You have learned zoni culture, had mochi plate at Kyoto’s teahouse and known some mochi-event. Now make mochi on your own! It is not difficult, just going to a convenience store or supermarket. You can find mochi and other ingredients. Of course restaurants serve fantastic mochi dish, but one you cook is also special. In the home, Japan, we eat them often, not only around New Year. Still winter is the best mochi season though. Please look at this part to find how to enjoy at home! Sharing Kyoto editorial team has actually baked it and will report here.
Why not buy some for your family and friends and try it. It will definitely be fun time!
Go and get mochi!
First, go and buy them! Some confectionery shops and normally supermarkets and convenience stores sell them too. At Kyoto’s confectionery shop, they often start selling special mochi for New Year.
Famous one is this, bean mochi at Demachi-futaba. And another one is from Nakamuraken where you can also order. Waiting in a long line may be expected because both are famous. But it’s worth it.
We are at supermarket to grab mochi that lasts long, easy access!
Easy, stable cooking at home
Easy, stable cooking at home
After buying mochi, think how to enjoy…We’ve been introducing various ways, but that’s not all. You can find your own way, however, this time 3 steady cooking which were showed in Part2 are presented.
Abekawa mochi
Abekawa mochi
Ingredients: mochi, soybean flour, sugar and optionally brown sugar syrup.
How to make: mix soybean flour with sugar, and cover mochi with it. Flour sticks well if you put mochi in hot water to get soft, which is delicious!
Isobe mochi
Isobe mochi
Ingredients: mochi, soy sauce, paper seaweed, and optionally sugar and hot chili pepper.
How to make: after baking mochi, spread soy sauce and wrap it with paper seaweed. Adding hot chili pepper or Japanese pepper makes it unique taste!
Ingredients: mochi, a can of red beans, and optionally soybean flour.
How to make: heat up the red beans and pour it over mochi. Premade red beans are so easy and convenient! It is also good with soybean flour.
Report on how Sharing Kyoto Staffs enjoyed mochi-cooking!
mochi cooking
As you can see, mochi cooking is very easy! Just buy some stuff!
Here, Sharing Kyoto staffs actually tried it and look at our report!
We all enjoyed baking!
Sharing Kyoto Staff
We have been introducing how we enjoy, experience, cook mochi. Mochi is certainly important food for us. It is sacred food as dedicated to gods, on the other hand, as easy as we have at home and restaurants. It is fascinating that is totally free to arrange! Are you interested in mochi? Go and have it at some restaurant! We hope you can feel Japanese culture casually!

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