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Kyoto's delicious sandwiches & burgers
Part 4

Go and take a big bite of a hamburger! Kyoto's local supersized burgers

Is it possible that even in this ancient capital you can eat delicious local burgers? Many people have the impression that Kyoto cuisine is all about traditional snacks such as wagashi and matcha. However, along Kyoto's historical alleys, there are many burger shops too. Some shop owners even use Kyoto's local ingredients and combine Western elements with Eastern elements into a single burger. Their unique flavor is truly fascinating. Some burger shops also offer take-away services. You can have a picnic by the Kamo River or the nearby parks and enjoy the scenery of Kyoto. If you come to Kyoto and want to eat big hamburgers, you can't afford to miss the following restaurants!
The Burger Company
The Burger Company
Take the subway, get off at Kitayama Station, walk for 10 minutes and you will reach "THE BURGER COMPANY". There are two eye-catching hamburger sculptures at the front entrance. The overall decorative design is also very American in style. The shop has attracted many European and American tourists to come and try its taste.
PBM Burger
If you don’t mind eating spicy food, I would recommend the "PBM Burger!" On top of the juicy hamburger platters, the richly fragrant melted cheese flows down like a waterfall. Crispy fresh vegetables are matched with thick tartar sauce. The gratifying feeling of taking a big bite is beyond description! I have long ago stopped caring about how I look when I am eating this burger.
The cheeseburger is the classic dish of this restaurant. Place the burger in a paper wrap and give it a gentle squeeze. Then open your mouth and enjoy it to your heart's content! In the photo, the size of the burger looks regular. However, it is actually quite large and hefty. If you can't finish eating it in one go, the shop will carefully pack it up for you so that you can finish it at home! (In Japan, this kind of take-away service is quite rare.)
Mar Café
Mar Café
Hidden on the 9th floor of a large office building close to Gojo Street, "Mar Café" offers a scenic view of the Kitayama district. The restaurant is decorated in a minimalist style which encourages people to relax and dawdle. The outdoor area is especially mentionable. In summer evenings, there are Oktoberfest events here, and the sight of the night scenery is deeply moving!
Mar Burger
With a restriction of 10 servings per day, the Mar Burger uses a local Wagyu beef, which tastes absolutely exceptional! The gravy is sweet while the minced beef is tender. The dense avocado inside gives the overall taste and texture an added smoothness and richness. If you want to try this Wagyu hamburger, I recommend that you report early to the shop!
Dragon Burger
Dragon Burger
The machiya-style “Dragon Burger” near Tofuku-ji Temple is different from typical American-style hamburger restaurants. It has adopted a traditional Kyoto machiya style as its main theme. The wooden beams and dining tables and chairs give customers the feeling and atmosphere of truly being in Kyoto. Of course, the hamburgers here are also made of Kyoto ingredients. You can taste Japanese burgers with their special flavor.
Manganji green pepper
The Manganji green pepper represents a samurai sword. For this reason, this burger is named "Samurai Burger." With its spicy green pepper and death sauce, it is very exciting to try. Matched with lettuce and gherkin, its taste is quite refreshing.
Cocoa BBQ Burger
Dragon Burger’s Cocoa BBQ Burger may sound like an unusual taste combination, but actually the cocoa taste is not overpowering, and just adds to the umami of the patty. The burger contains Kyoto’s famous tsukemono-pickles, which help the meaty taste of the burger stand out. This unique burger is something you definitely should consider trying when in Kyoto!
Motion Diner Kyoto is located on the second floor of the movie theater MOVIX, on the busy shopping street of Shinkyogoku. It’s the first restaurant the burger chain Motion Diner has opened in the Kansai region.
Bacon Burger
The most classic dish to get here is the bacon burger. The patty is juicy and the bacon crisp. The rich taste of the gravy is so good… this burger is a must-eat for meat lovers!
Kujonegi and Kamo eggplants
They also have burgers that use Kyoto’s famous Kujonegi green onion and Kamo eggplant, making the burger rich in the flavors of Kyoto. The burgers are so carefully stacked that they seem to even care about the orientation of the lettuce! The burgers here have a sense of grace to them. Of course, each burger comes with a portion of French fries.
Hamburgers hail from the West, but once they reached Kyoto, they have incorporated the local ingredients and taken on a uniquely Kyoto flavor. This is a taste that you can find only in Kyoto! Apart from eating Japanese cuisine, changing into a Japanese-style hamburger once in a while can also give you a pleasant palatal surprise.
Although sandwiches and burgers originated in Europe, they have been adapted through history and become well-known classic dishes around the world. However, the sandwiches and burgers in Kyoto have a unique flavor that comes from the use of locally sourced ingredients. Although everyone who comes to Japan wants to eat traditional Japanese food, surely it is okay to try something different after a few days? Let's give these Kyoto-style sandwiches and hamburgers a go! Take them with you for a picnic at Kamogawa or Kyoto Imperial Palace!

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