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Kyoto's delicious sandwiches & burgers
Part 1

Fulfilling on so many levels! Kyoto's long-standing and super popular sandwiches!

Sandwiches are on people's breakfast table. You can put almost anything in a sandwich, from eggs to sausages, but often in Japan, you’ll find some surprising things in your sandwich, like deep fried pork cutlets. So let’s take a look at what Kyoto has to offer on this front!
Inoda Coffee Honten
Inoda Coffee Honten
The main shop of the café chain Inoda Coffee is located close to Sanjo Street, and it’s in a historic machiya-style town house with a high ceiling. Inside however the walls are of red brick, and the atmosphere is rich and nostalgic.
beef steak sandwich
In addition to the signature classic “Arabia no Shinju (the Pearl of Arabia)" coffee, the deep fried beef steak sandwich made with Japanese beef is also a very well-known and popular sandwich. The crispy toast sandwiches a succulent, moderately salted steak: one of life's great luxuries!
The Japanese steak has a lovely pink hue. Just watching the toasts absorb the rich, thick gravy is enough to make your mouth water!
Take a look at the astonishing hugeness of the sandwich! There are 6 slices of sandwiches layered with ham, vegetables and chicken. The toast is soft and slightly moist and not too dry at all. You can eat the sandwich layer by layer to taste the different ingredients, or you can challenge yourself and take a big bite to get the maximum satisfaction.
Shizuya Sanjo
Shizuya Sanjo
Shizuya is near the intersection of Kawaramachi and Sanjo Streets, and it’s one of the oldest bakeries in Kyoto. All the bread sold here is made right here at the bakery, so you can be sure that you’re getting bread at its freshest.
katsu sandwich
The deep-fried steak sandwich has been a best-seller since Sizuya's establishment. It is a sandwich with a time-tested flavor. A special homemade sweet and spicy sauce covers the fried steak and smoothens the crispness. In addition, two thick steaks are sandwiched together to add to the rich texture. Come and try this long-established flavor of Japan!
teriyaki chicken sandwich
The shop also has a seating area where you can enjoy your bread at the bakery. Just looking at the white toast with a lightly brown color of the super popular Teriyaki chicken sandwich makes people hold out their thumbs in compliment! You can eat the savory and sweet Teriyaki chicken sandwich together with egg salad to enjoy a rich yet a refreshing taste.
Kitchen Gon Nishijin
Kitchen Gon Nishijin
In the alleys of Kyoto's Nishin area, you can find the restaurant Kitchen Gon, a favorite of many locals. This restaurant specializes in Western-influenced cooking known in Japan as yoshoku, and it’s most famous for its curry. There are not that many tourists here, so you can enjoy a quiet meal of curry here.
pink meat
The pink, medium rare deep-fried steak is tender and not too fatty. The lettuce adds a nice refreshing touch to the sandwich. Topped with their special sauce, the sandwich tastes absolutely wonderful. So when you come to this restaurant, don’t only have their curry; remember to also taste their sandwiches!
Le Petit Mec Oike
Le Petit Mec Oike
Le Petit Mec Oike is a bakery located on the quiet Oike Street, and looking at it from outside, the bakery looks surprisingly dark and chic. It even has an outdoor terrace, just like in Europe. And naturally, this bakery specializes in European bread. The tiny bakery is filled with all kinds of breads, making choosing a difficult task.
white bread toasts
You can get some very interesting combinations here, like tomato and squid! The taste reminded me of tomato-squid pasta. Another good choice is the avocado and squid sandwich, which just melts in your mouth! You cannot afford to miss these classic sandwiches!
nicoise sandwich
They also have mini niçoise sandwiches containing salmon, squid, olives, and tomato, and mini roast beef blue cheese sandwiches too. The bread here is of course delicious, but all the ingredients are of high quality, and you can find really many types of baked goods here.
Most sandwiches in Japan use bread that is harder than in Europe, but you can also find such Japan-exclusives as deep-fried steak sandwiches. I you’ll try these sandwiches when in Kyoto! But next, let’s take a look at the tea shops and cafes of Kyoto.

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