Dec. 12, 2017 UPDATE
Romantic and happy winter in Kyoto!
Part 2

Exchange presents! Give your most important ones romantic gifts!

The most important events in December have to be Christmas and the New Year. And this means enhancing presents! There are many stores in Kyoto that offer the famous Japanese “zakka” – useful things you can use every day, but which also look good, but there are also stores selling kitchen appliances and hair accessories among others. The stores also offer gift wrapping, so your presents will look great. Winters in Kyoto can be really cold, so it’s important to find some warmth in friendship and presents. So, thank your loved ones for a great year by buying them a present! Now you can find out what kind of presents are sold in Kyoto.
Inobun Shijo main store
Inobun Shijo main store
Inobun Shijo main store is 5 floors of zakka goodness. Each floor sells products of a certain category, and while the first floor is mainly hair accessories, the other floors sell everything from home appliances to incense sticks. They have all kinds of things on sale, so this is a great place to look for presents. Like the cans in the picture, they would make great presents.
sandwich toasters
On the second floor you can find home appliances like these sandwich toasters which are great presents when it’s cold outside. They even have a great gift wrapping service so you can rest assured that your loved ones will be extra happy when they get these presents.
Tokyu Hands Kyoto store
Tokyu Hands Kyoto store
The Tokyu Hands Kyoto store can be found on Shijo Street, and they sell everything from stationery to sportswear. It’s easy to spend quite some time here. In December you’re greeted by very Christmassy displays right when you enter the store, and the chocolate cookies on sale are sure to make great presents for kids or your friends.
On the first floor they sell bags and wallets for men, and if you get one for your boyfriend, he is sure to be transformed into a very fashion-conscious person. At Tokyo Hands, they have something for everyone, so it’s easy to choose presents no matter for whom you’re buying them.
This store offers all kinds of nice products. Compared to most zakka stores, this one is simpler and more natural. On the first floor they sell cookies, other food items, and clothes. The clothes they offer are of the Japanese “Forest Girl” fashion, like woolly hats, coats, and other clothing items, so this is the spot to go if you’re out with a group of girls or want to buy something for your girlfriend.
The cookies made only from natural ingredients are sure to be a hit among the women who get them as presents. They also have some special Christmas chocolate which you could combine with the cookies, and make for the perfect, warm gift for your friend. This way your friend can have the perfect afternoon tea experience!
Birthday Bar
Birthday Bar
At Birthday Bar you get to choose from home appliances, food items, clothes, and tableware, so there is bound to be something for everyone. They even have clothes for kids so it’s easy to find presents here for those special occasions.
You can also find out what their top-10 most popular presents are, so you can get some ideas from those too. So, if you want to find the most exceptional gift that is sure to make the one you’re giving it to smile, come to this store.
The stores in Kyoto are so interesting it’s hard to pass by them without going in. When choosing a present for your best friend, it may sometimes be difficult to find what he or she likes, but in Kyoto, you won’t have a problem! So, now that you have the present, you just need a great, romantic place to give it. So let’s head to the illumination events of Kyoto!

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