Nov. 25, 2021 UPDATE
Romantic and happy winter in Kyoto!
Part 3

Christmas lights and other illumination events that paint Kyoto in a magical light!

Kyoto is a city full of traditions and artistic feel, but every year when the calendar turns to December, there are night illumination events all around and Kyoto takes on a new, magical look. This is why Kyoto is a hot date spot in Japan right now because these illumination events with their warm lights shining in the darkness are a very romantic sight. Take the hand of your sweetheart and head into the beautiful night of Kyoto!
Kyoto Station
Kyoto Station
Every December the stairs of Kyoto Station are illuminated in Christmas colors and there is a huge Christmas tree for you to adore in front of them. The tourists from all around the world cannot help but stop to wonder at the sight of the Christmas tree. They also play some Christmas carols by the tree to make the atmosphere even more festive.
The stairs
The stairs of the Isetan department store are illuminated at night, and the whole west wing of Kyoto Station is bathed in light. The stair illuminations are almost like a huge waterfall, and it’s hard not to notice the animations on them.
beautiful lights
There are many other things at Kyoto Station waiting for you to discover them. If you walk through the Skyway that connects the west side of the station to the east side, you get to see these beautiful lights, and there won’t be many people. This is the spot in Kyoto Station for lovers. The romantic lights make the mood feel very Christmassy and there is no better place for a romantic date in Kyoto.
ROHM Illumination
ROHM Illumination
※Due to COVID‑19,it's Cancelled in 2021.ROHM is a company in Kyoto specializing in semiconductors, and close to their headquarters, they hold an illumination event every year called the ROHM Illumination event.
On this field, they have a huge screen and colored LEDs which form a sea of light, and the animations are different every year, so it’s worth it going to this event year after year.
main street
The Promenade of Light that is the main street of the event, has a very warm feeling to it that is perfect for winter. This event is great for a date, but also for those traveling with children.
Arashiyama Hanatoro
Arashiyama Hanatoro
The last event we have is one of the most famous, and it’s called Arashiyama Hanatoro. Arashiyama is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Kyoto, but it’s mainly active during the day, and most of the shops and restaurant in Arashiyama close at around 6 p.m. So most of you have probably not been to Arashiyama at night!
Togetsu-kyo Bridge
The path from Hankyu Arashiyama Station is illuminated by little lanterns, and on your way you get to see the Togetsu-kyo Bridge illuminated in shades of gold and a Bamboo Grove even more mysterious than normal.
flower-arrangement art
Of course Japan is also famous for its ikebana flower-arrangement art, and Kyoto being the home place of this art form, there are also ikebana artworks to be seen all around Arashiyama. This event is a bit far from the city center, but I’m sure the trip to Arashiyama is going to be worth it. If you don’t go now you’ll have to wait until next year!
Getting to walk on the narrow paths of Arashiyama illuminated by lanterns, is an experience you’re not going to soon forget. If you come to Kyoto in December, I definitely recommend you also experience the romantic side of this beautiful historic city. No matter whether you’re coming here with your lover or family, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting to experience. But you also need to eat a fancy dinner to commemorate your Christmas in Kyoto, which is what we’re going to take a look at in the next page.

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