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Top 4 temples and shrines in Kyoto with the cutest amulets and fortune slips

I’m going to introduce the shrines and temples with the cutest animal and good-luck item amulets and fortune slips in Kyoto.
bunny fortune slip

I think many people get a fortune slip or an amulet when they visit a shrine or a temple. Because there are many shrines and temples in Kyoto, there are also many fortune slip and amulet designs: simple ones, quaint ones, and cute ones. In this article, I’m going to tell you especially of the cute fortune slips and amulets!

1Okazaki Shrine’s bunny fortune slip

Okazaki Shrine’s bunny fortune slip

Talking of Kyoto’s cute fortune slips, the fortune slips of Okazaki Shrine that is close to Heian Jingu are especially famous. Many wild rabbits used to live on the grounds of the shrine, so the rabbit became known as the messenger of the god enshrined in the shrine, which is why the shrine is also known as the “Rabbit shrine.”

cute earthenware bunny

The fortune slips you can buy at Okazaki Shrine are inside a cute earthenware bunny. There are white and pink bunnies and they both have cute round eyes.

Their amulets

Their amulets, of course, also have bunnies on them! They are said to be good for having an easy delivery, marriage luck, so they are great for women. At Okazaki Shrine you can get a great fortune slip and amulet especially if you like animals, especially bunnies. How about receiving some luck from a cute bunny?

Address 51 Okazaki Higashitenno-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City 606-8332
Open Hours From 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2Rokkaku-do Temple’s dove fortune slips 

Rokkaku-do Temple’s dove fortune slips

Next, I’m going to introduce the fortune slips of Rokkaku-do Temple that is quiet and serene even though the temple is in the heart of Kyoto in the middle of office buildings. 

bellybutton stone

Rokkaku-do is said to be the birthplace of ikebana, but the temple is also said to be in the very middle of Kyoto, and because the middle of a human being is thought to be the bellybutton, there is a hexagonal “bellybutton stone” at Rokkaku-do. 

cute dove fortune slips

What you can get at Rokkaku-do are these cute dove fortune slips. The way the dove looks like it’s roosting on the fortune slip is adorable. Doves are thought as a symbol of peace even in Japan, and at Rokkaku-do you can always see many doves. On the pond of the temple, you can even see swans, so this temple is sure to satisfy those who like birds. This temple is also close from the business and shopping district of Kawaramachi, so how about getting a cute fortune slip like this as a souvenir?

3Kumano Nyakuoji Shrine’s Yatagarasu fortune slips

Kumano Nyakuoji Shrine’s Yatagarasu fortune slips

Kumano Nyakuoji Shrine is close to the starting point of the Philosopher’s Walk and it’s known for its beautiful autumn leaves. 

three-legged crow

The symbol of this shrine is the three-legged crow, Yatagarasu, from Japanese mythology. You can also get cute fortune slips that bear the crow’s resemblance. 


In Japanese mythology there is a legend that Yatagarasu led the emperor at the time into a victorious battle, so Yatagarasu is worshiped as the god of victory. The Japan national football team uses the symbol of Yatagarasu on their emblems on their uniforms, and it’s believed that the crow is going to lead the team to a victory. This fortune slip looks cute but it’s believed to lead all things into a good direction. I hope you will get one when you visit the Philosopher’s Walk.

4Yoshida Shrine’s Daruma fortune slips 

Yoshida Shrine’s Daruma fortune slips

Lastly, we have a shrine close to Kyoto University, Yoshida Shrine. It’s famous for their huge Setsubun Festival in February. 

Daruma doll

Here you can draw a fortune slip in the shape of a Daruma doll! There are many little Daruma dolls inside a big one and you can choose the one you like. 

The round shape of the Daruma doll is cute

The round shape of the Daruma doll is cute. The fortune slip is inside a hole on the bottom of the doll. The faces of these Daruma dolls are all hand-painted so their expressions are all a little bit different. There are other shrines and temples in Kyoto with Daruma doll fortune slips too, and it’s said that they have different patterns on their bellies so collecting them might be fun.

Erika[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
The fortune slips and amulets you can get at temples and shrines are something I want to recommend you get for yourself as a souvenir. Besides the ones I told you about here, there are many others, from ones with Kyoto-like designs to quaint ones, I hope you will find one you like!
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