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Top 10 best street foods to get at Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market is THE place to go for street food in Kyoto! So of course they have the raddest street food in Japan!
Some takoyaki at Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market is a place that should be on everyone’s itinerary already, but maybe you are wondering what to eat at the market? If you are, look no further!

Sharing Kyoto presents the top 10 street foods of Nishiki Market!

10.Takoyaki at Karikari Hakase

Takoyaki at Karikari Hakase

Takoyaki might be something Osaka is famous for, but Karikari Hakase is a takoyaki place you can only find in Kyoto. Their octopus balls are big, and they are cheap! 6 big octopus balls are only going to cost you 200 yen. Which is really cheap, plus the takoyaki is really yummy!
Also, if you become a member for 200 yen you can buy 6 balls of takoyaki for 140 yen. Notice that you become a member the next day after buying the membership card, not the day you pay 200 yen for the card.

9.Crispy Chicken at Torisei

Crispy Chicken at Torisei

First, we have the crispy chicken at Torisei. This cup of juicy fried chicken has been gathering popularity recently and it’s become a normal sight to see one tourist after the other buying a cup of fried, crispy chicken for 400 yen.

8.Sashimi at Watahan

Sashimi at Watahan

The sashimi at Watahan is something you won’t forget. At least I haven’t forgotten the taste; there was something creamy about the fresh sashimi I had the joy of eating at Nishiki Market. One pack of sashimi costs 700 yen so it's a bit on the pricey side for street food in Nishiki Market but worth it.

7.Octopus on a stick at Hatanaka

Octopus on a stick at Hatanaka

If you come to Nishiki Market you, of course, need to try some of the weirder seafood, which I think an octopus with roe on a stick is. They also have all kinds of other seafood on sale, many of them on a stick so it’s easy to eat them while walking in the market. Although to be frank, it would be nice if the octopus wasn’t so cold…

6.Amazake at Genzo

Amazake at Genzo

Eating all of these salty snacks is bound to make you thirsty. So, what better way to quench your thirst than by drinking a cup of delicious, hot amazake? Amazake is a sweet nonalcoholic sake drink that tastes great especially if the weather is cold.
Though here I must admit that the drink is in fact not very good at quenching your thirst and that you are probably going to be left wanting a drink after drinking a cup of amazake. The taste is great though.

5.Kyoto-style corndog at Konnamonja

Kyoto-style corndog at Konnamonja

Konnamonja in Japanese means something along the lines of “this kind of stuff,” but the soymilk doughnuts shop offers some really yummy stuff. This corndog topped with tofu tartar sauce is a nice start for your market voyage, but choosing whether to get their famous doughnuts or this corndog is a harder question, and the answer probably depends on whether you want something sweet or salty.

Address 494 Nakauoyacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu
Open Hours 10am - 6pm

4.Salmon carpaccio at KimuraSalmon carpaccio at KimuraIf you feel like something quintessentially Japanese mixed with something Italian, how about having some salmon or tuna carpaccio at Kimura? A stick only costs 200 yen, and you even get to season it with seasonings like Tabasco, making your stick of raw fish a truly international combination of Japan, Italy, and the USA.

3.Pufferfish at Watahan

Pufferfish at Watahan

We are at Watahan again, but this time we do not have something as normal as sashimi. We have deep fried pufferfish. The pufferfish tastes really nice, but at the same time there is a tingling sensation on your tongue, reminding you that you are eating something poisonous. This is a chance to try this delicacy for a really cheap price.

2.Tamagoyaki omelet at Tanaka

Tamagoyaki omelet at Tanaka

Next, we have a great Japanese omelet at Tanaka, where they serve it to you piping hot. The omelet has a somewhat sweet-but-salty taste, and because of the dashi stock they use when making the omelet, also a surprisingly deep taste. If you want to try something quintessentially Japanese cheaply but still want the taste to be really refined; have a tamagoyaki omelet.

1.Baby octopus on a stick at Kai

Baby octopus on a stick at Kai

If there is something Nishiki Market is famous for, it would have to be these baby octopuses that have had their brains replaced with quill’s eggs. The look of a whole baby octopus is something that many people can’t resist, as it really is not something you run into every day.
The taste is also pretty good, but let’s face it: most people are not buying these octopuses for their taste but the looks. There is just something fascinating about eating a whole octopus at once, which is why the baby-octopus-on-a-stick gets to be the proud number one on our list.
In case you want to learn more about Nishiki Market, click the button below:

Address Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto
Open Hours Most shops are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

And in case you want to read about my street food lunch at Nishiki Market click this button instead:

Sampo[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
That was it for Nishiki Market this time, but I feel like I have just scratched the surface of what the market can offer. Nishiki Market can get really crowded with tourists, but it also offers some great experiences you would have trouble finding anywhere else, so even if the market is something everyone goes to, I would like to recommend including it in your itinerary. Even though Sharing Kyoto’s office is really close to Nishiki Market I still sometimes go to the market to get something for lunch.
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