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Top 20 Japanese Gardens you must visit in Kyoto!

When in Kyoto, you have to visit Japanese gardens, so look no further for a list of the best rock and pond gardens!
Hosen-in Temple

Japanese gardens are something that captures the essence of Japan. There are many types of Japanese gardens, from the karesansui dry rock gardens that replicate the flow of water with rocks, to the strolling gardens that are built around a pond. Because of the relation these gardens have with Zen and the Japanese concept of wabi and sabi, they are most often found at temples, so this, of course, means there are many Japanese gardens in Kyoto. And here we have the ranking of the best 20 of them in Kyoto!

20Hogon-in Temple

Hogon-in Temple

Hogon-in Temple is a sub-temple of Tenryu-ji, and their strolling garden called “Shihiku no Niwa” with its exquisitely placed rocks is open to the public in spring and autumn.

19Eikan-do Temple

Eikan-do Temple

Eikan-do, the temple of autumn leaves, has gardens of different styles. The contrast between the white pebbles and the trees is beautiful in all of the gardens which surround the Hojo Abbot’s Quarters.

Address 45 Eikando-cho,Sakyo-ku,Kyoto-shi,Kyoto,606-8445
Open Hours 9am - 5pm (enter by 4pm)

18Ohashi-ke Garden

Ohashi-ke Garden

This garden on the north side of Fushimi Inari Shrine uses a lot of stone, like the 11 stone lanterns it has. The snug little garden is built around a tea house.

17Sanzen-in Temple

Sanzen-in Temple

If you want to see a beautiful moss garden, I recommend Sanzen-in Temple. They have two different types of gardens, one which you can view from one spot, and a stroll garden which you view by walking on a path in the garden, and in both of them you can enjoy seasonal views all though the year.

Address 540 Ohara Raigoincho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 601-1242
Open Hours 9am - 5:00pm November: 8:30am - 5:00pm December-February:9am - 4:30pm

16Ninna-ji Temple

Ninna-ji Temple

At Ninna-ji Temple they have two gardens, each with its unique beauty: the chisen-kaiyu-shiki garden from where you can see the Five-Storied Pagoda across the pond, and the rock garden with its simple charm.

Address 33, Omuro Ouchi, Ukyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 616-8092
Open Hours March - November 9am - 4:30pm December – February 9am - 4pm
Erika[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
There you have it, the best 20 Japanese gardens in Kyoto according to us at Sharing Kyoto. At Japanese gardens you can feel the uniquely Japanese aesthetic sense of Zen and wabi-sabi, which will make you feel serene and relaxed. Remember to put at least one Japanese garden on your Kyoto itinerary.
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