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20 most recommended museums in Kyoto!

One Sharing Kyoto writer chooses the best 20 museums in Kyoto!
The Museum of Kyoto

Did you know that there are many interesting museums in Kyoto? There are museums of all genres and time periods in this ancient capital where old and new things live together in harmony. There are museums that house historic artifacts from the prehistoric ages to the modern ones, but there are also ones that show contemporary art, and lately, there are many interesting museums putting the spotlight on the weirder parts of life. Here are the top 20 museums where you can get to know what happened in Kyoto and what is happening in Kyoto right now!

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20Museum Eki Kyoto

Museum Eki Kyoto

Museum Eki Kyoto is inside the Kyoto Station buildings, and they mainly hold thematic exhibitions of paintings, photographs, picture books, comics, pottery, and other genres. Usually, their exhibitions are about things that are “the talk of the town” right now.

19Bento Box Museum

Bento Box Museum

The Bento Box Museum shows bento boxes from the collection of Hanbey Fu, an old and established shop selling Kyoto-style fu, or wheat gluten. At the Bento Box Museum you can see luxurious bento boxes used by the samurai and court nobles, but also other bento boxes, of every kind.

18Kyoto Confectionary Museum

Kyoto Confectionary Museum

Japanese traditional sweets are an important part of Kyoto culture. Here at the Kyoto Confectionary Museum you can get to understand the history, culture, and beauty of these sweets made with the greatest care. On the benches on the first floor you can enjoy a cup of matcha and freshly made sweets.

17Kinshi Masamune Horino Memorial Museum

Kinshi Masamune Horino Memorial Museum

At Kinshi Masamune Horino Memorial Museum you get to see how they used to make sake and see how they make Kyoto craft beer. Most of the sake museums in Kyoto are in Fushimi, but this one is conveniently located close to the city center. After touring the museum, you can taste the craft beer they make using the famous well-water from the inner garden, and of course the sake they make too.

Address 172, kameya-cho, Nijo-agaru, sakaimachi-dori Nakagyo, Kyoto, Japan 604-0811
Open Hours 11am - 5pm(Admission until 4:30pm) ※From 2020 June 18th the Museum was closed,but the shop area is open.



Terada-ya can be found in Kyoto’s Fushimi area. Terada-ya is famous as the hotel where the Terada-ya incident where the famous samurai Sakamoto Ryoma was attacked by samurai officers. You can still go inside and take a look at the historic building, but you can also stay at Terada-ya too.

Address 263, Minamihamacho, Fushimi-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 612-8045
Open Hours 10am - 3:40pm

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Erika[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Kyoto is surprisingly great for seeing art, not just seeing temples. I would like to recommend you try to fit some museums into your Kyoto itinerary and enjoy the old capital’s culture through its museums.
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