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Top 20 cultural experiences you can have in Kyoto!

The absolute best cultural experiences in Kyoto chosen by Sharing Kyoto!
Samurai Kembu experience

Kyoto is the ancient capital of Japan, and as such, it is, of course, the home of countless traditional crafts and arts. Luckily for you, many of these traditional crafts and arts can easily be experienced by the modern traveler! No matter whether you are interested in a tea ceremony, traditional craft, traditional sweet, maiko, or samurai experiences, they can all be had in Kyoto.

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Pottery experience

Pottery experience

You can have an authentic pottery experience at Mori-toki-kan close to Kiyomizu Temple, and make your own Kiyomizu-yaki tea cup. You can also choose a course where you only write or draw on the cups, and since Mori-toki-kan is so conveniently located, it should be easy to fit into your itinerary.

19Kyo-yuzen dyeing experience

Kyo-yuzen dyeing experience

This Kyo-yuzen dyeing experience is run by the old and established Marumasu-Nishimuraya, and the lessons are held in their traditional-style Kyoto house. They have all kinds of lessons, so you can get to dye handkerchiefs, folding fans, tumblers, and t-shirts, among others. This is sure to be a great memory of your trip to Kyoto.

18Sutra copying experience

Sutra copying experience

For those who want to try something different, I want to recommend sutra copying. Sutra copying is part of the training of Buddhist priests and you can try your hand at it in many temples. You are just copying Chinese characters in a quiet temple, but this monotonous work will make you feel concentrated and relaxed.

17Kumihimo experience

Kumihimo experience

Kumihimo is Japanese handicrafts made by weaving colored yarns together using a special instrument. The history of Kumihimo started around a thousand years ago in the Heian period, but this traditional craft recently became popular after it was featured in the movie Your Name. At Kumihimo Workshop Adachi you get to make kumihimo bracelets and hair accessories.

16Japanese traditional sweets making experience

Japanese traditional sweets making experience

This is something you can truly experience only in Japan, making traditional Japanese sweets. At Kanshundo you can see how artisans make these sweets, and then get to try making them yourself. They may look easy to make, but making them really pretty is surprisingly difficult.

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Erika[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
When traveling, I always want to do some things you can only do in that country. Which is why I would like you to try these cultural experiences in Kyoto and get to feel the culture of this ancient city first hand!
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