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Experience the culture of Kyoto through these 5 cooking classes!

If you come to Kyoto, would you like to experience something different? How putting on a bandana and trying to master Japanese cooking?
Ramen factory

When traveling to Kyoto, you are surely going to have plans to go to some of the great restaurants here. But did you know that you can also learn how to cook ramen, or how to make sushi in Kyoto? Lately, there are more and more places where you can experience the culture of Kyoto through cooking, many of them close to some major sightseeing spots. These cooking lessons offer you a chance to experience first-hand the kind of attention to detail that goes to Japanese cooking, and the skill involved. Taking part in these activities is easy, just make a reservation online or go to the place offering the course directly. Below you can read about five such cooking experiences you can have in Kyoto:

1Ramen Factory

Ramen FactoryRamen Factory is located close to the famous temple of Tofuku-ji, and it is run by the same people who also run that famous “Fire Ramen” restaurant Menbaka Ichidai. Here you get to make everything from the noodles to the soup and the chashu chicken, so it’s almost like really working in a ramen restaurant, and it’s fun! 

After you have made your bowls of ramenAfter you have made your bowls of ramen, you can taste each other’s ramen and see who made the tastiest bowl. They have staff who can speak English and Chinese, and they have an iPad with an instructional video playing on it, so it should not be too hard to make your very own bowl of ramen. So, let’s go ahead and make some ramen!

2Daiki Suisan’s Sushi Seminar

Daiki Suisan’s Sushi SeminarLocated on the second floor of the shopping center Kyoto Tower Sando is Daiki Suisan’s Sushi Seminar, run by the company famous for their conveyor belt sushi restaurants. You can choose your lesson by how many pieces of sushi you want to make, the choices are 8, 10, and 12. You have a sushi chef on your side showing you how to make sushi, so you can get in on the industry’s secrets. 


You also get miso soup and green tea with your sushiYou also get miso soup and green tea with your sushi, which you get to have with the sushi you made yourself. Once you’re done eating, you even get a certification and a little present as a souvenir. So if you want to become a sushi chef, you should head to Kyoto Tower!

3Cooking  Sun

Cooking  SunCooking Sun is located between the streets of Shijo and Gojo, in a traditional Japanese home. You get to change into Japanese clothes and then learn from the teacher in English about Japanese cooking. In the morning you can learn how to make a Japanese boxed lunch and in the afternoon how to make the izakaya fare. 

After you have completed the lessonAfter you have completed the lesson, you feel like you had accomplished something huge. The food looks really good, and cooking it is a skill you can take back home – you can cook Japanese food for your friends and family! This is a cooking lesson I heartily recommend. 

4Nakamura Tokichi Hikicha and tea ceremony experience

Nakamura TokichiYou get to use a matcha stone mill at the famous Nakamura Tokichi; a matcha store always full of people. In this tea ceremony experience, you get to mill your matcha yourself. It may seem easy, but it’s surprisingly difficult. 

the tea ceremonyThe teacher will also tell you about Japanese culture and the tea ceremony while you and she prepare the matcha tea for the ceremony. This experience is a must-have for the matcha lovers among our readers, so if you like matcha, it’s time to head to Uji. 

5Kanshundo Japanese Confectionary Class

Kanshundo Japanese Confectionary ClassKanshundo is an old and established Japanese confectionary store that specializes in seasonal confectionaries. They also have a class where you get to learn how these beautiful Japanese confectionaries are made, so it’s no wonder so many visitors from overseas head to Kanshundo to study this craft. 

Japanese confectionaryIt takes a lot of skill to make Japanese confectionary, so it’s essential you have a professional like at Kanshundo to teach you. Your sweets may not turn out as beautiful as the ones the professionals make, but they should taste just as good. You also get some matcha tea, so you can truly enjoy your traditional Japanese sweets. 

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
No matter which lesson you take, in all of them you get to make something with your own hands, end truly enjoy Japanese culture first-hand. By learning these skills, you also get to use them once you go back home, so these experiences are not only really Kyoto, but also useful!
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