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Temples to enjoy on a rainy day in Kyoto

Kyoto’s temples are even more beautiful when it rains! In this article, I’ll introduce some of my favorite temples.

When traveling, if it rains, that’s always a downer, isn’t it? But in Kyoto, a rainy day just means you have a new exciting way of enjoying this ancient capital city of Japan. This time, I’ll tell you about my four favorite temples in Kyoto to visit on a rainy day!

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1Gio-ji Temple

Gio-ji TemplesuikinkutsuOn a rainy day, the green moss and trees of Gio-ji Temple glisten even more brightly than normal; it almost feels as if the temple were alive. You can also find a suikinkutsu, an interesting mix of a garden ornament and a musical instrument. You can often find these in Japanese gardens. One way of enjoying Japanese gardens is to relax and enjoy the sound of the suikinkutsu. 

2Mimuroto-ji Temple

Mimuroto-ji TemplehydrangeasMimuroto-ji Temple is famous for its hydrangeas. At the temple, you can see blue, purple, and pink hydrangeas. On a rainy day, you can take pretty pictures of wet hydrangeas as they glisten under the cloudy skies. At night the hydrangeas of Mimuroto-ji are illuminated, so going at night is also a good idea! 

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3Jojakko-ji Temple

Jojakko-ji Temple area surrounding Jojakko-ji TempleThe area surrounding Jojakko-ji Temple is really beautiful, and you can enjoy the historic atmosphere of this ancient place of worship. The temple gets crowded during the autumn leaves season, but besides that, it’s mostly pretty quiet. I recommend enjoying the sound of rain and the wind whispering through the trees while you walk around this temple. 

4Shoren-in Temple

Shoren-in Templesliding doorThere is a big glass window inside Shoren-in Temple, so you can view the beautiful scenery from inside. This temple also has sliding door paintings with vividly blue lotus flowers painted on them. How about enjoying the sliding door paintings of the temple leisure while it rains outside? 

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Yumemi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
On a rainy day, you can enjoy the temples in a different light. A rainy day may be a chance for you to see something that you normally wouldn’t be able to see. I hope you’ll take this article into account when you’re thinking of where to go in Kyoto during the rainy season!
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