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Rainy season in Kyoto is still great for sightseeing! The best 5 spots in Kyoto for some rainy-day sightseeing fun!

Where to go in Kyoto when it’s the rainy season? These 5 spots in Kyoto are great even if it rains!
Yamazaki Distillery

In June it usually rains in Kyoto, as it’s the rainy season, but if you’re in Kyoto during this time, you’re probably wondering which places to hit when it rains here in the ancient capital. But you can find many places in Kyoto that are just as great when it rains, like museums, whisky distilleries, and shopping streets. At these places, you can not only have fun, but you also don’t have to worry about getting wet! Rain does mean that it’s not easy making up an itinerary for a fun day in Kyoto, but these 5 spots are sure to make it easier for you!

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1Kyoto’s kitchen – Nishiki MarketNishiki Marketall kinds of yummy stuff

Nishiki Market is a narrow arcaded shopping street lined with vendors selling all kinds of yummy stuff on both sides – and you don’t need an umbrella! This is a famous spot that everyone coming to Kyoto is going to visit at least once. 

2The home of Japanese whisky – Yamazaki Distillery Yamazaki Distillery Japanese whiskiesSuntory’s Yamazaki Distillery was founded in 1923, and because of its great location, some of the most famed Japanese whiskies are made here. You can learn about the history of Japanese whisky here, so for someone who likes whisky this place is a must-go in Kyoto. 

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3Non-verbal theater – GEARGEARNon-verbal theater

In an old building on the intersection of Sanjo and Teramachi, you can find the non-verbal humorous theater group GEAR, which is very famous in Kyoto. Because there are no lines in the play, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier. 

4Kyoto AquariumKyoto Aquariumhuge fish tank

Kyoto Aquarium is located a 15-minute walk from Kyoto Station, and it’s a great place for the whole family. The exciting dolphin shows, penguin area, and the huge fish tank are all very exciting, especially for children. 

5Entrance to Kyoto – Kyoto StationKyoto StationEntrance to Kyoto

Kyoto Station is a place almost everyone coming to Kyoto will go to, as it’s the entrance to this city. In the station, you can also find the department store Isetan, and if you take a look at its basement floors, you can find all kinds of yummy things to eat. But at the department store, you can also find trendy clothes and other things to satisfy your shopping needs! 

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Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
If it starts raining when you’re sightseeing, most of you are probably going to feel a bit disappointed! But I’m sure that these spots and the great shopping fun they offer will let you spend some quality time in Kyoto. There’s also an aquarium and a theater, which are sure to be popular among kids! So when you come to Kyoto during the rainy season, be prepared to have a lot of fun!
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