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Best spots in Kyoto to enjoy nature away from the crowded city center

Let’s go enjoy nature at these beautiful spots away from the hustle and bustle of Kyoto’s city center!
Best spots in Kyoto

Spring has turned to summer, and the weather in Kyoto is gradually getting hotter and more humid. Popular, and thus crowded, sightseeing spots will feel even hotter. So this time I’m going to tell you about spots where you can enjoy beautiful green nature that is a bit farther away from the city center.

1Tenryu-ji Temple’s gardenTenryu-ji Temple’s gardenshakkei

Tenryu-ji Temple is famous for its garden, which uses Mt. Kame as “shakkei,” a Japanese concept which means borrowed scenery. The highlight of the garden is the way the trees surround it. I also wish that you will take note of the beautiful scenery and the trees reflected on the pond of the garden, Sogenchi. 

2Tadasu no MoriTadasu no Morifeel very refreshing

Tadasu no Mori is a small forest which belongs to Shimogamo Shrine. You can see clear rivers in many places in this forest, which makes it feel very refreshing. As the paths here are very wide you can enjoy a stroll here at your leisure. 

3Kuya no Taki FallsKuya no Taki FallsMt. Atago

Kuya no Taki Falls is 15 meters tall and they can be found on the foot of Mt. Atago. The spray from the falls will make this place feel very refreshing. The route to these falls is a hiking course. I hope you will also enjoy the murmur of the Kiyotaki River and enjoy the quietness of the woods as you make your way to Kuya no Taki Falls. 

4Mt. KuramaMt. Kuramamountain

Mt. Kurama, where you can find Kurama Temple, is famous for the many legends concerning tengu, a kind of long-nosed demon, and the mountain. As you climb up the mountain, you can feel that the air starts to feel different. After climbing up the mountain, take a deep breath and charge your batteries with the clear mountain air. 

Yumemi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
This time I introduced to you places where you can enjoy beautiful nature and the cooling summer winds. I would like to recommend you go away from the crowded city center and enjoy being surrounded by nature.
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