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Timewarp places in Kyoto: atmosphere like old days

The most classic and traditional city― that might be what you think of when hearing of “Kyoto.” That’s absolutely true, but not only that. Kyoto has many places making us feel quite nostalgic.
Timewarp places

Ever tried to look for places that time forget? Ever want to shop in places you find yourself transported back to the 1960’s? You might happen to see shops or places that never change as if they were frozen in decades. That exactly makes these spots valuable. Like any other cities, Kyoto has those spots that give you a retro feel.

Public Bath and Hot Spring

○ Funaoka OnsenFunaoka Onsen

Funaoka Onsen is in the Nishijin District. The old-style weight scale would bring you back memories of great old days. It’s also available on Sunday mornings and there’s Sarasa Nishijin, originally a café which was a bathhouse in the neighborhood.

○ Kurama OnsenKurama OnsenHere, you can stay overnights or just come for the onsen (hot spring). Kurama Onsen is 30-minitue walk away from the Kurama Temple, so it’d be refreshing to enjoy their onsen after walking from the temple. The pleasant and polite staff and the nostalgic atmosphere would welcome you warmly.

Kissaten (Japanese-Style Coffee Shop)

○ Coffee TogenkyoCoffee TogenkyoYou can enjoy coffee made from a siphon coffee maker, which is rarely seen these days. It might be a bit difficult to find where it’s located, but that makes Coffee Togenkyo more special. Being away from crowded sightseeing centers, you’ll be relaxed with nice coffee like locals.

○ Kissa TyrolKissa TyrolTyrol is a good-old Japanese-style café that is located near the Nijo Castle. Curry, sandwiches, bread, and spaghetti― classic items in kissten (Japanese-style coffee shops) can be ordered. Especially, their curry is with a simple flavor, but unforgettable.


○ Pro Antiques “COM”Pro Antiques “COM”Furniture, tableware, plates, clocks, and other various kinds of antiques are here in Pro Antiques “COM.” All of them are made in Japan. Most attractively, filled with interesting antiques― like a toy box fills with a lot of the owner’s dreams. If you’re fond of antiques or old-day items in Japan, don’t miss it out!

○ Antique blue ParrotAntique blue ParrotSurprisingly, their collection of antiques is huge in Antique blue Parrot. Because of that, they have very unique items which are rarely seen in our daily life anymore― charcoal irons, wooden dental tool boxes, kiseru (Japanese smoking pipes), ukiyo-e (Japanese traditional printings), and so on. Perfect for antique lovers!

Chiemi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Although Kyoto is a historical city, it’s unable to avoid changes of the city. But there’re some places that remain as they are. That’s why we love them and want to visit. If you’re interested in these spots, I recommend take your time and forget the time.
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