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Explore the Teramachi Shopping Arcade with Vanessa and Miyabi!

Join Taiwan born Vanessa and Kyoto born Miyabi for an extraordinary tour of the new and old in one of Kyoto’s most beloved shopping arcades, Teramachi!

Kyoto is full of places to go shopping, but none are quite like the Termachi shopping arcade. With ties to the famous samurai general Toyotomi Hideyoshi and running along the East-side of the imperial palace, Teramachi is filled with old shops that have been around for generations. Down this uniquely quiet and subdued street, you can enjoy everything from the latest food trends and shops to historical landmarks and retro architecture.

On Sharing Kyoto’s Termachi tour, born and bred Kyotoite Miyabi will give you a look at some of her favorite stores and let you in on the wonders and curiosities of this ancient city.

If you’re looking to explore the historic streets of Kyoto, or just enjoy some shopping, then this tour is for you!

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The Tour Guides: Miyabi and Vanessa

The Tour Guides: Miyabi and VanessaWe are Kyoto born Miyabi and Taiwan born Vanessa. As editors at Sharing Kyoto, we write articles about the city for incoming tourists.

As we both live in Kyoto and love wandering around and shopping, we often find ourselves down the streets of Kawaramachi and Termachi.

On this tour, we hope to not only show you around the lovely stores of this famous shopping arcade but also leave you with unforgettable memories of our incredible city. 

We can’t wait to see you on the tour and have fun shopping, exploring, and learning about the strange and marvelous city of Kyoto.

〇 Why we wanted to start a tour of the Termachi Shopping Arcade.

As Kyoto has such a rich history, each street has developed a unique atmosphere of its own. Home to temples and shrines that lurk between the mix of new and old shops containing everything from random everyday goods and souvenirs to Buddhist prayer beads, old books, and antiques, Teramachi is particularly extraordinary and unique. 

Through this tour, we wanted to show those from overseas a lesser-known and more fascinating side of Termachi Street.

Tour Highlights

Tour HighlightsStuck for souvenir ideas?

Got a store that interests you that you can’t muster the confidence to go inside? 

Then this tour is for you!

Teramachi is home to a ton of specialty stores, and we’re here to show you to them.

Some of the things sold down Termachi include Kyoto veggies, green tea, Japanese sake, craft beer, antiques, dinnerware, clothes, hats, and shoes. 

We’ll be visiting a lot of different shops, and you might get a little tired by the end, but we’re sure that you’ll find something of interest.

How we go about the tour will be all up to you too! Whether that be diving deep into the myriad of stores, or picking up and trying exciting looking foods on the way.  

We’re incredibly excited and can’t wait to see you on one of our tours!

Join in and learn about the fascinating Termachi Shopping Arcade

Join in and learn about the fascinating Termachi Shopping ArcadeThis tour will be held every Wednesday and Friday from 2 PM. 

Many female and solo travelers have enjoyed our tours in the past, so there’s absolutely no pressure to bring anyone along either.  

We look forward to having an awesome time with you as we explore the fascinating streets of the Teramachi Shopping Arcade.

So jump on the tour, and let's make some memories of Kyoto that you’ll never forget!


Request Private & Custom tour like this from Sharing Kyoto Local Guide

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Sometimes in Kyoto, you come across an amazing looking store that you just can’t quite muster up the courage to step inside of. This tour is here to solve that. Join us as we explore both the old and new of one of Kyoto’s most famous and historic shopping arcades, Teramachi Street.
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