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How to Get to Shijo Kawaramachi/Karasuma from Kyoto Station

The only guide you’ll need for getting to the downtown Shijo area from Kyoto Station – with pictures and all!
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This article will show you exactly how to get from Kyoto Station to Kyoto’s downtown area of Shijo Karasuma and Shijo Kawaramachi.

To save you from getting lost, we’ve included detailed photos directing you through everything from Kyoto Station to the bus interchange and subway.

While it may be the gateway to Kyoto, Kyoto Station sits relatively far from downtown Shijo Kawaramachi, which is where the Nishiki Market and Teramachi shopping street are located.

As a result, most choose to take the train or bus to get there.

With so many platforms in Kyoto Station, there are tons of routes through it. However, in this article, we’ll just be focusing on the easiest one, the giant North Exit.

While the North Exit can be accessed several ways, we will focus on getting there from the Central Entrance of the Shinkansen.

Shinkansen Central Entrance to Kyoto Station North Exit

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Shinkansen Central Entrance to Kyoto Station North Exit

North ExitAfter getting off the Shinkansen bullet train at Kyoto Station, head toward the Central Entrance. It should look like this outside the gate. After passing through the gates, head right.

After turning rightAfter turning right, you should see this area. To get to the exit, head straight from here.


Take the escalator up.

exit for the JR linesOn the way, you should see the east exit for the JR lines on your right. Continue walking straight. When you see the exit at the end of the walkway, you should also be able to see another walkway to the right.

wide-open areaAfter turning right, it should look like this. From here, you’ll see this wide-open area with the JR Central Ticket Gate, which is where you’ll need to head.

JR Central Ticket GateContinue straight until you see both the JR Central Ticket Gate and Kyoto Station North Exit. The exit on your left will be the Kyoto Station North Exit, and on the right will be the JR Central Ticket Gate. Continue down the escalator.

Kyoto Station’s North Exit

You’ve made it! This is Kyoto Station’s North Exit. This is where our directions to the Shijo area via bus and subway will start.

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Shin[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Kyoto Station is an incredibly big building, so I'm sure the number of people getting lost isn't insignificant. If you ever get lost, open up this article and check your surroundings as you make your way to the station's North Exit. If you're unsure what to take to get from Kyoto Station to the Shijo area, then I suggest the subway. While you have to walk a bit to get to Shijo Kawaramachi from the Shijo subway station, compared to the bus, it's incredibly quick. I especially recommend the subway to those with suitcases as the subway usually has plenty of space for suitcases.
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