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A recommended model course around Nanzen-ji Temple to discover new charms of Kyoto.

Miyabi, a Kyoto native and architecture enthusiast, will introduce with confidence her recommended course.
Okazaki model course

Are you looking for a plan where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds and truly feel Kyoto’s relaxing atmosphere?

Our concierge from Kyoto will introduce a model course with carefully selected recommended spots.

It is recommended for those:

  • Who have already been to famous spots like Kinkaku-ji and Kiyomizu-dera and are looking for their next destination.
  • Who want to visit parts of Kyoto that are still unknown to most tourists.
  • Who wish to enjoy Japanese cuisine and sweets.

9:00 Traditional Japanese breakfast at a restaurant filled with history

Morning comes early in Kyoto, with its numerous temples and shrines. 

It can get incredibly crowded during the cherry blossom and autumn foliage seasons, so I highly recommend starting your day early.

This is a restaurant where Kyoto-like atmosphere can be seen here and there. With 400 years of history, this restaurant is a locals’ favorite and is particularly famous for its breakfast with porridge and eggs. 

With delicate flavors that bring out the best of the ingredients and seasonal Kyoto vegetables, you will feel the food culture that is deeply rooted in Kyoto.
As reservations can only be made by phone, our concierge will make the arrangements on your behalf.
Private rooms have been prepared for guests to appreciate the peaceful atmosphere of the garden with water flowing through it. 

10:30 Rare pictures of a Zen temple blending with modern architecture

Once your stomach is full, let’s take a light walk. 

Only 10 minutes on foot from Hyotei, the next spot is the cornerstone of this plan.

The Suirokaku Aqueduct stands in the precincts of the temple. Since its completion in 1890, it has been a very important landmark for the people of Kyoto. 

It used to bring water from the huge Lake Biwa in neighboring Shiga Prefecture, which notably permitted boat transportation and hydroelectric power generation.

This is the only place where it is possible to see a blend of Japanese-style architecture and brick arches, and thus it has a special atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else.

You will undoubtedly discover a new side of Kyoto when visiting Nanzen-ji grounds. 

 11:00 Experience the Zen atmosphere in a dry landscape garden

Once you've taken some great photos at the Suirokaku Aqueduct, you can admire the Japanese garden of a national treasure building just in the back.

Nanzen-ji is considered the highest-ranked temple in Kyoto.
You can gaze at two “Karesansui” dry landscape gardens of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism there. 

You can fully feel the present moment from the flow of water and the human heart represented by the stones and white sand.

Other highlights include a lush, moss-covered garden. 

12:00 Afternoon tea while gazing at a garden 

If you are getting hungry, how about a Kyoto-style afternoon tea?

Not far from Nanzen-ji Temple, the next spot is located in the garden of Heian Jingu Shrine, impossible to miss with its impressive Torii gate. 

There is a small “Karesansui” (dry landscape) in the "Ojubako" multi-tiered box, used for high-class lunches in Japan.
Sweets made with matcha green tea from a prestigious teahouse in Uji and fruity desserts made with sake truly look like jewels. 

Our concierge will specially arrange the best seats facing the garden for you. 

14:00  Treasure hunt in an antiques shop

Why not buy a souvenir as a special reminder of the day?

With its long history and countless restaurants, Kyoto abounds with antique vessels. 

Bowls with lids are perfect for “Donburi” rice bowls.

It seems possible to recreate a Kyoto-like restaurant at your home! 

The mindset of Kyoto people, who select good products and use them carefully for a long time, can also be found here.

Why not adopt that spirit yourself?

15:00 Return to the hotel by taxi

A taxi arranged by the concierge will take you back to your hotel.

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Miyabi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
If you would like to experience this plan or would like it to be arranged more to your liking, please feel free to contact our concierges. We will go above and beyond to offer an experience that exceeds your expectations!
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