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Enjoy an elegant cherry blossom cruise in Okazaki, Kyoto in spring!

We will introduce you to a cherry blossom cruise, which is not easy to do in Kyoto!
Okazaki sakura cruise

In Kyoto, there are many places known as cherry blossom viewing spots. This time, we will introduce cherry blossom viewing spots in the Okazaki area, focusing on a cherry blossom cruise experience, which is rare in Kyoto!

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10:00 Cherry blossom tunnel × Abandoned railways for a spectacular view

Before enjoying the cherry blossom cruise, we took a short detour. First, head for the "Keage Incline". The "Keage Incline" is an incline railroad with a total length of 582 meters. The railroad is no longer in use, but the rails have been preserved in form, and visitors can walk freely on them. The rails are flanked on both sides by rows of cherry trees, resembling a tunnel. It has become a popular photo spot in Kyoto. There are very few places in the country where you can walk on the rails to view cherry blossoms, so take some pics for memories!  

10:30 Elegant cherry blossom cruise in the spring weather

After enjoying the photo shoot, it is time to go on the cherry blossom cruise. Cherry blossoms along the Okazaki waterway can be viewed from the boat. Since it is a boat, unlike a car or bus, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms at a leisurely pace.

The view from inside the boat looks like this. The branches of the cherry trees in full bloom are growing right up to our eyes, so powerful! The view of cherry blossoms continues on forever.  

On the way, you can also see the Otorii (Grand Gate) of the nearby Heian Jingu Shrine from the boat. The vermilion of the Otorii gate looks beautiful against the cherry blossoms and blue sky, so pay attention! 

11:30 Take a break at Nanzenji's famous yudofu restaurant

After taking commemorative photos and enjoying the cherry blossom cruise, you can fill your stomach with Nanzenji's famous "Yudofu" (hot tofu). Yudofu is a dish that is said to have originated from vegetarian food eaten by monks at Nanzenji Temple. The tofu is boiled in a pot and dipped in a special sauce. This simple dish would not be possible without the right ingredients.  
The destination is Nanzenji Junsei. When you arrive at the restaurant, you are greeted by magnificent cherry blossoms. 

Taste the richly flavored tofu made from carefully selected domestic soybeans in a spacious private room. The temperature along the Okazaki waterfront is inevitably a bit cooler than in surrounding areas because of the waterfront, but the yudofu will warm you up. Here, you can dine while enjoying a view of the restaurant's signature Japanese garden.

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13:00 Take a walk along the Okazaki waterway and take a commemorative photo in front of the Otorii gate.

After your stomach is full, walk along the Okazaki waterway while heading to Heian Jingu Shrine. The torii gate, which was only slightly visible from the boat, can be seen clearly, so please take this precious picture of the vermilion and cherry blossoms and the boat to commemorate the event.

13:30 Visit Heian Jingu Shrine for the collaboration of cherry blossoms and Japanese garden.

After taking a commemorative photo at the Otorii, visit Heian Jingu Shrine. There are about 300 cherry trees planted at Heian Jingu Shrine, but the most spectacular is the large cherry tree in front of the hall of worship.  
Although an additional fee is required, we recommend that you visit the garden inside Heian Jingu Shrine called Heian Jingu Shinen. Not only are there many different types of cherry trees blooming in the garden, but the cherry blossoms match beautifully with the Japanese garden created in the Meiji era. Enjoy the collaboration of cherry blossoms and the view of the vast garden.

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Yumemi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
A cherry blossom cruise offers a different view from what you can see on foot or by riding a bus or train. We recommend this cruise for those who want a memorable experience that is different from ordinary cherry blossom viewing. In addition to the plans introduced here, we can also plan according to your requests, so if you are interested, please use our concierge service!
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