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Let us introduce you to some of the tours that Sharing Kyoto offers to enjoy the deep culture of Kyoto!
Explore Art and Culture with Local Guides

Kyoto has many places and opportunities to experience culture and art, such as shrines and temples, gardens, traditional crafts, paintings, tea ceremony, kabuki theater, and other forms of performing arts.

This article introduces private and custom tours offered by Sharing kyoto guides who are knowledgeable about Kyoto's history, culture, and art!

With a true passion for Kyoto and a large local network, Sharing Kyoto will listen to your interests and needs, help you deeply appreciate the beauty of Kyoto, and create a trip filled with unforgettable memories.

Because we specialize only in Kyoto travel, we are sure we can help you!

① Zen Garden Walking Tour by a gardener - includes 2 temples and green tea 

【 ¥20,000 per person / 3.0hours】

This tour includes an explanation of Japanese gardens by a gardener who is familiar with Japanese gardens in Kyoto! We will be visiting two very famous temples in Kyoto, Nanzenji Temple and Konchi-in Temple.

Enjoy learning about Japanese gardens with a gardener who can help you understand more than just looking at them!

< What's Included>

◎ Temple admission fee
◎ Matcha green tea and Japanese sweets
◎ Commentary by the gardener
× Transportation costs
× Hotel meet-up

② Kyoto Private and Custom One-day Tour : Highlights and Hidden Gems

【 ¥6,000 per person / 3.0hours(approx./6 or 8 hours also available)  】

Join alocal guide who loves and knows Kyoto inside out for a fun trip that will blow your mind. This is perfect for anyone who wants to make their trip unforgettable and wonderful. What's your travel theme?

< Examples of places to visit >

・You can visit famous World Heritage attractions like Kinkaku-ji Temple, Yasaka Shrine, Nijo Castle, Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine depending on what you like

・How about a perfect plan that includes enjoying the serene atmosphere of temples with gorgeous gardens experiencing the traditional art of Kabuki and seeing how the costumes are made, and tasting the variety of ramen flavors in Kyoto?

※ The start time and duration of the tour can be changed

③ Seasonal Private and Custom Tour in June:Relaxing Kyoto Tour surrounded by fresh greenery

【¥20,000 per group / 4.0 hours(approx.) / Capacity 5 】

We offer you a unique way to enjoy Kyoto in May with its beautifuk fresh greenery. You can enjoy the scenery and flowers unique to the time of year

< Examples of places to visit >

・Tenryuji Temple : The garden offers a beautiful view of the Arashiyama trees, as well as irises, satsuki(Japanese), and other flowers that delight the eye. This is a temple that can be enjoyed either or sitting down and relaxing.

・Tofukuji Temple : As a Zen temple, it is a great place to enjoy the beautiful garden that expresses the spirit of Zen. while the autumn foliage is popular, visitors can also enjoy the wonderful scenery when the leaves are in their green foliage.

④ Kyoto Traditional Crafts Experience and Tour(: Make your own ceramics under an expert's guidance)

【¥12,000 per group / 2.5hours(approx.) / Capacity 6 】

In tihs tour, you can experience the traditional ceramic culture of Kyoto!

< Examples of places to visit >

・Zuiko Kiln : Near Yasaka Pagoda(temple tower), you can make your own Kiyomizu ware under the guidance of a craftsman

・Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum : A guide will explain the history, technique, and the relationship between Kiyomizu ware and Japanese culture in detail

・Kiyomizu Ceramic Hall : You can find a variety of Kyoto ceramics, and you can admire many works, find your favorite item, and buy it as a souvenir

Miyabi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
What do you think? The tours we introduced this time are just a part of what we can offer you. We can also suggest various tours according to your preferences and needs.
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