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A recommended model course around Nanzen-ji Temple to discover new charms of Kyoto.

Miyabi, a Kyoto native and architecture enthusiast, will introduce with confidence her recommended course.
Miyabi Sep. 06, 2023
Things to Do

Cool summer model plan to enjoy luxurious Kyoto cuisine on a terrace right above the river!

Refresh yourself from the heat with forest bathing! Here are some cool "Kawadoko" riverbed plans that can be enjoyed in the Kibune area, "the backroom" of Kyoto. Utako, a Kyoto native and gourmet former shrine maiden, will introduce with confidence her recommended course!
Utako Sep. 06, 2023
Things to Do

Spend a day in the historical Nijo area of Kyoto

A perfect itinerary for your day in the historic Nijo area! See, eat, and enjoy!
Vanessa May. 05, 2023
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It's like Kiyomizu Temple! The statue of Fudō Myō’ō sitting in a cave is a must-see.

This time we will introduce Tanukidanisan Fudoin located in the Ichijyoji area!
Yumemi Apr. 14, 2023
Things to Do

Top 20 Japanese Gardens you must visit in Kyoto!

When in Kyoto, you have to visit Japanese gardens, so look no further for a list of the best rock and pond gardens!
Erika Apr. 14, 2023
Things to Do

Top 4 spots in Kyoto to view beautiful flowers

I’m going to introduce 4 spots in Kyoto where you can see other flowers in Kyoto beside cherry blossoms, like plum blossoms and wisteria.
Erika Mar. 27, 2023
Things to Do

Top 7 cherry blossom viewing spots in Kyoto

The 7 absolute best spots in Kyoto to view cherry blossoms revealed!
Erika Mar. 17, 2023
Things to Do

Easy Kyoto Station itinerary for families with kids

Kyoto Station is a place almost everyone goes to when in Kyoto, but there are many family friendly places around it that are extremely easy to get to.
Sampo Mar. 11, 2023
Things to Do

Riding a bike down Kamo River and discovering the beauty of Kyoto again!

Cycling, running, picnicking, and hopping on turtle stepping stones by the Kamo River makes you almost feel like a real Kyotoite!
Vanessa Mar. 11, 2023
Things to Do

Cheapest and fastest way to get to Kyoto from Kansai International Airport

Which one is the cheapest and fastest way to get to Kyoto from KIX? Hankyu? JR? Keihan? We’re going to find out.
Sampo Mar. 04, 2023
Things to Do

Take the subway and see Kyoto! One day in Kyoto with subway one-day pass

By using the Kyoto Subway one-day pass you can travel freely in Kyoto and enjoy the sights, restaurants, and all the fun this city offers!
Vanessa Feb. 17, 2023
Things to Do

Kyoto One-Day Bus Pass Coverage & Fares

While Kyoto’s one-day bus passes are great for getting around, did you know there’s a limit to how far they can take you? In fact, there are even some famous sightseeing spots that are beyond this limit. In this article, we look at some must-knows about the slightly confusing Kyoto bus passes and show you which areas are outside of its range.
Sakurako Feb. 17, 2023
Things to Do

Hop on the bus in Kyoto with the 700 yen One-day Pass!

With the One-day Pass you get to easily go most of the sightseeing spots in Kyoto for cheap!
Vanessa Feb. 17, 2023
Things to Do

It’s time to welcome the new year! The most interesting New Year’s Eve traditions in Kyoto!

Do you want to know what New Year’s traditions there are in Kyoto? If you want to know how the people of Kyoto spend the New Year, come join Vanessa as she finds out!
Vanessa Dec. 23, 2022
Things to Do

Pray for True Love at the Jishu Shrine in Kiyomizu-dera Temple

In this article, we cover all the divine blessings of the Jishu Shrine the Kiyomizu-dera Temple and see how you can fulfill all your love related prayers.
Vanessa Aug. 18, 2022
Things to Do

Matchmaking the Kyoto way: 8 shrines and temples that are going to help you find a partner

The shrines of Kyoto are here to help you find love in your life, so say goodbye to your bachelor life here in the old capital!
Vanessa Aug. 18, 2022
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6 Must-Knows for Kyoto's Cherry Blossom Season

In this article, we’ll be looking at what locals think you need to know before arriving in Kyoto for the cherry blossom season.
Shin Mar. 25, 2022
Things to Do

Sharing Kyoto's Top Sakura Cherry Blossom Picnic Spots

The Sharing Kyoto Team’s top cherry blossom hanami picnic spots for 2020!
Vanessa Mar. 25, 2022
Things to Do

Get to know Kyoto's culture and history at these 5 museums

The most interesting museums in Kyoto, of course chosen by the one and only Sharing Kyoto! From manga to kanji, check out the best museums of Kyoto!
Sampo Nov. 26, 2021
Things to Do

Timewarp places in Kyoto: atmosphere like old days

The most classic and traditional city― that might be what you think of when hearing of “Kyoto.” That’s absolutely true, but not only that. Kyoto has many places making us feel quite nostalgic.
Chiemi Sep. 06, 2021
Things to Do

A one-day pilgrimage to the fancy food and culture mecca of Kyoto, Okazaki!

Heian Shrine, museums, and food are all great in Okazaki, so come, let’s be cultural for a day and enjoy life in Kyoto!
Vanessa Aug. 24, 2021
Things to Do

The 20 landmarks that represent Kyoto the best!

The Kyoto Tower maybe the most famous landmark in Kyoto, but it is far from the only one! Check this article for the best ones.
Erika Aug. 24, 2021
Things to Do

Autumn leaves in Arashiyama 2017, one villa and seven temples!

Autumn is maybe the most beautiful time of the year in Arashiyama, and we decided to celebrate this in 2017 by going to a villa and seven temples! Not to forget the Togetsu-kyo Bridge and Bamboo Grove!
Sampo Aug. 10, 2021
Things to Do

Easy access! Close-to-stations spots where you can have fun indoors

Places where you can have fun experiences around 5-minutes away from the closest station!
Yumemi Aug. 04, 2021
Things to Do

Experience the traditional crafts of Kyoto! Top 5 best experiences

I have five cultural experiences in Kyoto that I recommend to everyone!
Erika Aug. 02, 2021
Things to Do

Kyoto Tower and skywalking at Kyoto Station

Kyoto Tower and Kyoto Tower Hotel: observation deck, shaved ice, public bath, great views, and the Skyway of Kyoto Station; all in this one article.
Sampo Aug. 02, 2021
Things to Do

Top 4 temples and shrines in Kyoto with the cutest amulets and fortune slips

I’m going to introduce the shrines and temples with the cutest animal and good-luck item amulets and fortune slips in Kyoto.
Erika Jul. 29, 2021
Things to Do

Top 5 most popular things to do in Kyoto by Sharing Kyoto readers

The five things you definitely have to do in Kyoto, all chosen by Sharing Kyoto’s users! These were the most popular things to do on Sharing Kyoto in 2016.
Sampo Jul. 29, 2021
Things to Do

Walk the historic streets of Kyoto in a kimono! Top 5 kimono rental shops!

You have to try wearing a kimono when in Kyoto, and I’m going to introduce the 5 rental shops with the best offerings!
Vanessa Jul. 29, 2021
Things to Do

Nintendo’s old and new HQ (headquarters) in Kyoto

Ever wonder where the HQ (headquarters) of Nintendo is? And what about the old HQ? Find out here!
Sampo Mar. 10, 2021

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