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From small traditional shops selling foldable fans to huge new department stores, Kyoto has it all.


Autumn means chestnuts! Top 5 chestnut sweets to be had in Kyoto

Autumn is the season for chestnuts, and it’s also the time when they’re at their most delicious, so here are the top 5 chestnut sweets to be had in Kyoto!
Vanessa Dec. 05, 2018

Leather bags from Kyoto: the Italian Maestro and Japanese attention to detail

L’Elisir and Caede combine the autumn leaves of Kyoto and Italian design into leather bags that can only be said to be “bellissimo!”
Vanessa Dec. 05, 2018

Summers in Kyoto are hot so here are five exceptionally cool Japanese sweets!

The desserts of Kyoto are not only refreshing; they’re also the perfect thing to cool you down on a hot summer’s day!
Vanessa Dec. 03, 2018

Only for readers of Sharing Kyoto! Kyonoyuki Special Discount Coupon

Besides their tax-free service, look below for some great special discount coupons.
Vanessa Dec. 08, 2018

Clear, smooth, flawless skin with the natural no-additives cosmetics of Kyonoyuki

Gentle, natural cosmetics of Kyonoyuki made with 27 different oriental herbs and the pure water of Kurama
Vanessa Dec. 05, 2018

Enśe and the leather bags from Kyoto you need to know about

Enśe’s bags are not only practical, but they also look very stylish. But the most interesting thing about the brand is how much they value their designers.
Vanessa Dec. 04, 2018

Greatest shops in Kyoto offering food to go

Introducing the best shops in Kyoto for takeout snacks!
Yumemi Oct. 30, 2018

Must-visit shops during Gion Matsuri

There are many shops in Kyoto to seek for souvenirs. In this article, the best and the most accessible shops you might want to drop by while visiting the Gion Festival are introduced.
Chiemi Aug. 18, 2018

Shops where you can buy cute candy in Kyoto

I’ll tell you about the shops in Kyoto where you can buy candy!
Yumemi Nov. 24, 2018

What to eat with sake? Top 5 snacks to have with sake in Kyoto

Enjoy the taste of Kyoto with these snacks and sake! The best snacks to have with sake.
Vanessa Jul. 18, 2018

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