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Let's enjoy shopping for a day in the shopping town of Kawaramachi!

If you want to enjoy shopping in Kyoto I recommend Kawaramachi! We have a fun shopping guide by Sharing Kyoto’s female writers!
Let's enjoy shopping for a day in the shopping town of Kawaramachi!

Kawaramachi is one of the busiest districts of Kyoto. There is no end to the charm of Kawaramachi by Shijo-dori Street and Gion with Yasaka Shrine and Hanamikoji Street, and these areas are full of shops from souvenirs to places popular with the locals. I’m going to tell you how to fully and efficiently enjoy this area in a day, from the perspective of a Sharing Kyoto writer!

Shopping at demartment stores! Slowly strolling along on Shijo-Street ward Kawaramachi

Shopping at demartment stores!

The start of our Kyoto shopping tour is from the lively street of Shijo-dori! We got off at subway Shijo Station and are now heading straight east. There are many famous Japanese department stores by Shijo-dori Street. Let’s stop by these department stores while we head for Kawaramachi! 

1Daimaru Kyoto/ 京都大丸

Daimaru Kyoto

Daimaru is so famous in Japan that many people think of Daimaru when they hear the word department store. Daimaru’s Kyoto store is directly connected with subway Shijo Station so going there is really easy! A shopping trip to Kyoto has to start with Daimaru. 

all these clothes

The first floor is cosmetics, the second floor is fancy brands, and so just looking at all these clothes makes you excited! 


If you go to a department store, you of course have to also go see the “depachika” deli floor in the basement. Daimaru’s Kyoto store also has a “Gochiso Paradise” in the basement, where they sell delicious food, bread, and Kyoto’s traditional Japanese sweets among other things. The place is worth a see even if you just pop by for a minute, so I hope you will go see the basement too if you go to a department store.

Address 79 Shijo Street Takakura Nishiiri Tachiurinishimachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Open Hours 10am - 8pm (There is a possibility to change depend on the season) *8th Floor Restaurants 11am - 8pm(L.O.7:30pm)

2Fujii Daimaru / 藤井大丸

Fujii Daimaru

After shopping at Daimaru Kyoto, you want to head to Fujii Daimaru a 5-minute walk away. 

select shops

The shops inside Fujii Daimaru are mainly “select shops” and apparel brands popular with twenty- and thirty-somethings. The stores are always lively with friends who have come shopping together and couples. By the way, Daimaru Kyoto and Fujii Daimaru have very similar names but they seem to have no other connection. Daimaru Kyoto is aimed at families and is more expensive, whereas Fujii Daimaru is more casual and aimed at younger people.

Address Shijo Teramachi Shimogyo-ward, Kyoto city, 6008031
Open Hours 10:30am - 8pm (February only: 10:00 to 19:30)

3Takashimaya / 高島屋


After leaving Fujii Daimaru behind, when you head east you will get to a big intersection. In this corner you can see Takashimaya. Takashimaya is one of the most famous department stores of Japan, around neck and neck with Daimaru. 

 Inside the department store

The old established department store of Takashimaya has always been loved by the people of Kyoto. Inside the department store you can also find the old established Japanese sweets café of Tsukigase where you can have a break if you get tired. 

Address 52 Nishiiru Shincho, Shijo-dori Kawaramachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Open Hours 10am - 8pm * Restaurant floor(7F) are open from 11am - 9:30pm

Shiho[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
There are many great shops in Kyoto, and this time I could only talk about few of them. There are many more great shops, next to these shops, and even behind them. I hope you will use this shopping guide to make your shopping trip to Kyoto an even greater one. Enjoy shopping in Kyoto to the max!
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