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Top 5 most popular shops in Kyoto by Sharing Kyoto readers

The five shops you definitely have to go in Kyoto, all chosen by Sharing Kyoto’s users! These were the most popular things to do on Sharing Kyoto in 2016.
Top 5 most popular shops in Kyoto by Sharing Kyoto readers

I’m going to introduce to you the top five most popular articles in Sharing Kyoto’s shops category in the year 2016. There are many charming shops in Kyoto, from traditional shops selling traditional crafts to modern and fashionable shops selling all kinds of small things. You will get to know which of Kyoto’s shops are the most read about and most popular by reading this article. If you find a shop you like, how about adding it to your itinerary?

1SOU・SOU tabei / SOU・SOU足袋

SOU・SOU tabei

Our proud number one is SOU・SOU Tabi in Kawaramachi! SOU・SOU is based in Kyoto, but they have shops overseas too, and their cute but modern designs are popular everywhere. At SOU・SOU Tabi they mainly sell these tabi socks and shoes with designs that fuse traditional Japan and modern Japan. 

front of the store are cute

Going to east from Teramachi-dori Street, you get to a small alley and SOU・SOU Tabi. The Arabic numbers in front of the store are cute. 

Originally tabi

Originally tabi were socks to be worn with a kimono, but at SOU・SOU Tabi they have arranged these tabi to be more modern, and something you can use every day. Besides tabi they also sell towels and smartphone cases with the same patterns as the tabi, so getting tabi with a matching smartphone case might be the fashionable thing to do.

Address 583-3, Nakanocho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8042
Open Hours 11:00 ~ 20:00 ※The open hours was changed. 12:00~20:00

2Kyoto Yodobashi / 京都ヨドバシ

Kyoto Yodobashi

The second most popular shop in 2016 was Kyoto Yodobashi! This is the Kyoto store of the famous electronics store Yodobashi Camera. It’s right in front of Kyoto Station so it’s easy to access too. 

Japanese electronics

From the basement to third floor, they sell good quality Japanese electronics cheaply, and on weekends they of course have many customers from overseas, but the store is also bustling with Japanese customers. 

different types of shops

From fourth floor and up there are many different types of shops inside Kyoto Yodobashi, selling all kinds of things from fashion items, daily necessities, food items; you can get everything you need at Yodobashi. Kyoto Yodobashi is also open until late so you can come here after sightseeing, and do some shopping before you return to your hotel.


3Kyoto BAL / 京都BAL

Kyoto BAL

Third we have Kyoto BAL. Sharing Kyoto has many articles about Kyoto’s fashion buildings, but the most popular one was about Kyoto BAL. 

white and refined interior

Among the department stores in Kyoto, Kyoto BAL has a different atmosphere. The predominantly white and refined interior and wooden floors make the soft atmosphere even more fashionable. 

modern quality brands

Inside the fashion building you can find shops by Ron Herman, MARGARET HOWELL, the famous Japanese household and consumer goods retailer Muji, and many others. All of them are life enriching modern quality brands. This new type of department store is also recommended by Sharing Kyoto writers.

Address 251 Yamazaki-cho ,Kyoto-City, Kyoto, Japan
Open Hours 11am - 8pm


4Aritsugu / 有次


Fourth we have this place, Aritsugu. They have a long history of making blades; they have been in the business for over 450 years. The shop was started out by a Japanese swordsmith who transitioned his business to kitchen knives and other blades. This store is inside the popular sightseeing spot Nishiki Market

kitchen knives

When talking of Aritsugu, you have to mention these kitchen knives with the characters for “Aritsugu” engraved on them. They are easy to use and they won’t break. Aritsugu’s kitchen knives reflect the characteristics of Japanese traditional crafts, and not only normal customers but also chefs aspire to get to use them. 

 cute molds

Recently they don’t only sell kitchen knives, but also cute molds like in the picture, spoons, knives, and all kinds of different things made out of metal. 450 years of history and the luster of the knives of Aritsugu have not faded, but their traditional Japanese crafts are something I’m can’t keep my eyes off.

Address Nishikikoji-dori,Gokomachi,Nishi-iru,Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi,Kyoto,604-8052
Open Hours 9:00~17:30

5Bento & co

Bento & co

Lastly I’m going to tell you about a Kyoto based bento box specialty shop, Bento&co. This is a rare thing, a “select shop” started by a French person that sells Japanese bento boxes. 

bento box

For Japanese people a bento box is something you use every day. From kids to adults, many people use a bento box every day. Thinking there was something in bento boxes; the owner gathered skillfully made, functional, and cute bento boxes and started selling them. 

Japanese patterns

They have bento boxes with Japanese patterns, fashionable ones that look like books, ones made from stainless steel, there are so many I can’t choose. Buying a bento box as a new type of souvenir would surely be surprising and interesting. 

Shiho[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
I just told you about the 5 most popular shops on Sharing Kyoto! Department stores and traditional crafts seem to be popular. There are many great traditional craft shops in Kyoto, but also many modern and fashionable shops too, so please come to Kyoto.
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