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Eating some street food at the food stalls of Yasaka Shrine!

Yasaka Shrine is always a fun place to spend an afternoon! This time we tried the food stalls of the shrine.
Eating some street food at the food stalls of Yasaka Shrine!

There is something that makes you stop in food stalls. Everyone in Japan has experienced the quintessential summer experience of holding a stick of fried chicken while enjoying a summer festival. The food at food stalls is fast food, and it is expensive, but still, you just have to stop to buy some. And you end up with three to four things in your hands before you know it. This time, my dear readers, I, Shiho, and Vanessa went to the food stalls by YasakaShrine where you can get these treats almost every day!

The atmosphere!

The atmosphere!

Yasaka Shrine is one of the sightseeing spots everyone goes to in Kyoto. For this reason, there are always many people at the shrine, and because of this, there are food stalls almost every day. We went to the shrine in May, and it looked like this, even though there was no festival or anything!


They don’t only sell food, but you could also find things like chopsticks. Interesting!

Street food recommendations by Shiho and Vanessa
1Wagyu beef skewer (500 yen)

Wagyu beef skewer

First, you cannot leave out the wagyu beef skewers.

There is always a line in front of this food stall

There is always a line in front of this food stall.

wagyu beef

After ordering, the young guy at the stall starts grilling your skewer and you get to hear the delicious sounds of it being grilled, and smell the sweet fragrance of wagyu beef. Lastly, the skewer is dipped into tare sauce.

really yummy

The big grilled pieces of meat are really yummy! The strong taste of the tare sauce brings a nice taste of fast food to this skewer. It was so good I ate it in seconds.

2Hashimaki (300-400 yen)


Next, we have hashimaki! Hashimaki is a savory okonomiyaki pancake wrapped around a stick, and this dish is mainly seen in west Japan, and you normally can’t find this dish at the food stalls in east Japan.

hashimiki here at Yasaka Shrine

But the hashimiki here at Yasaka Shrine is even more rare! There are yuba and Japanese mountain yam inside the dough, and the hashimaki is topped with green onion. How Kyoto-like!

ShihoThe taste was delicious

The taste was delicious! The best thing was the chewy texture, thanks to the yuba and Japanese mountain yam. I got the one with cheese inside; the melting cheese was really yummy! The texture was even chewier thanks to the cheese so I really want to recommend this!

3Warabi-mochi (small 300 yen, big 500 yen)


We only had salty things, so next time for something sweet… so I, Shiho, and Vanessa decided to have some warabi-mochi! When in Kyoto, you have to have warabi-mochi.

food stall cut the rice cakes

The young man working at the food stall cut the rice cakes into small pieces, rolled them in roasted soy bean flour and handed us a cup full of warabi-mochi.

eat-right-now paper cup and a plastic pack

You can decide between an eat-right-now paper cup and a plastic pack you can take home. This is nice!

Kyoto’s warabi-mochi

We, of course, decided to have the paper cup! Kyoto’s warabi-mochi is really yummy so it is a must-have when here. I really like kinako, or roasted soybean flour, so I was really happy there was a lot of it on the warabi-mochi!

4Kakigori (300 yen)


Lastly, as a “shime,” the last dish, we have kakigori, or shaved ice! There are so many different tastes that it is fun to choose.

you get a LOT of ice

It is really cheap at 300 yen but you get a LOT of ice!

shaved ice

The amicable young man working at the stall gave us a really big portion of shaved ice! So happy! We taste we chose was matcha, and it was so big you could share this with three people.

condensed milk

You get to pour as much condensed milk as you want on your shaved ice! It was really fun finishing our street food tour with some shaved ice.

the end of our report

This is the end of our report, and as a final word, I would like to say that the most fun part of food stalls is that you get to share the things with your friends or your partner. From now on toward the summer season, there are going to be more and more food stalls, so if in Kyoto, remember to have some street food too!

Shiho[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
You can also get many local specialties at food stalls. If you go to a festival in a different part of Japan, they are going to have different street food on offer! There are so many ways to enjoy summer festivals in Japan.
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