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Buying a cheap kimono in Kyoto

Where can you buy a nice, good quality used kimono in Kyoto? Read all about kimonos in Kyoto here!

When you’re in Kyoto, you probably want to wear a kimono. But if you want to wear a kimono every day, or wear it at home too, renting is not an option, and you need to buy a kimono. Luckily there are great stores in Kyoto selling used kimonos, so you can get a quality made-in-Japan kimono for a cheap price.

When buying a kimono you also need to buy an obi sash and other things, so if it’s your first kimono, buying used is the best option.


ichi·man·benIchi·man·ben is a kimono store located quite close to the northern end of the Teramachi Shopping Street. The store begun as a joint venture between the students of Kyoto University and the kimono store Tansuya, and this can be seen in the prices of the kimonos. You can get a set of a kimono and obi for 10,800 yen!

try the kimono onYou can of course try the kimono on. And this way you also get to learn how to tie the obi sash! This is an important skill to have since you probably want to also be able to wear the kimono without help too.

haori half-coatAs the saying goes: “Winter is coming.” So you may also want to buy a haori half-coat to go with your kimono, which they of course also sell at ichi·man·ben.

cardSo, to sum it up, ichi·man·ben is an especially great choice if it’s your first time buying a kimono.


OchicochiyaThis store actually specializes in kimonos made from cotton you can wear every day, and wash them at home. These are sold new, but on their second floor they sell all kinds of used kimonos. Some of the older ones are really cheap, and can be had from around 3,000 yen, so you can even get a nice kimono set for under 10,000 yen with the obi sash and all.

try to wearing the kimonoYou actually get to try to wearing the kimono, and see what they look like on you.

the obiYou get to try everything: the obi, the strings you need to use with the obi… and these are not that expensive either. And they have really many types of kimonos, but note that may not have kimonos for very tall people. They also sell kimonos for men, but again, they may not have them for those taller than 175cm.


YayaYaya is a kimono store close to Yasaka Shrine, so if you buy your kimono here, you could in theory wear it right away and go sightseeing in Gion.

variety of kimonosThis store also carries a nice variety of kimonos, from very cheap ones costing around 5,000 yen to those costing 50,000 yen. It’s nice that you get to actually try the kimonos on, and that you can even try on many different ones. The staff here is very skilled at telling you how to put on your kimono and tying the obi sash.

seasonal kimonosThere are all kinds of kimonos for you to choose from, so after going to some of these shops, you may want to buy more than one kimono. There’s a kimono for the summer season, and then there’s one for autumn, winter, and spring, which you use for three seasons. So before buying your kimono consider in what kind of climate you’re going to wear it!

Address 306, Ishibashicho, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0066
Open Hours 11am - 6pm


So there we have it, three stores offering vintage kimonos in Kyoto. If you want to buy a kimono, be sure to go one of them!

Sampo[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
It was really fun going around vintage kimono stores with our writer Vanessa, but unfortunately the only store offering kimonos for men was Ochicochiya and they didn’t have my size. But if you want to get a kimono in Kyoto for cheap, but you still want it to be of good quality, I recommend you go to one of these stores!
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