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The top 10 most popular shops on Sharing Kyoto in 2017!

We are going to announce the most popular shops on Sharing Kyoto in 2017! Time for a shopping spree in Kyoto!
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Besides the numerous temples and great restaurants in Kyoto, the old capital also offers a nice selection of souvenirs for you to choose from. But because there are so many souvenirs, it may be a bit too hard to choose, so here’s a list of the 10 most popular shops on Sharing Kyoto in 2017! This article is based on pure numbers, so you can be sure that these shops are great, and especially popular among foreign shoppers!


TakashimayaTakashima is an old and well-known department store in Kyoto with a nice “depa-chika” in the basement where you can buy all kinds of yummy delicacies and souvenirs, which is why this department store is very popular among foreign visitors to Kyoto. The department store is on the always-busy Shijo Street and you can buy tax-free at it, so it’s only natural it’s very popular. 

9Fujii Daimaru

Fujii DaimaruFujii Daimaru is a department store full of stores offering the latest fashion, so naturally, Fujii Daimaru is popular among the younger generation. If you like Japanese fashion, this is THE place for you in Kyoto. This department store is also great for afternoon tea, as you can find not only one but two famous cafes here: the famous cake café HARBS and Kyoto’s very own &Arabica Kyoto.


TOKYO HANDSAt TOKYO HANDS Kyoto you can get almost everything: electronics, stationery, luggage, makeup, they really have everything! On the first floor, the things on sale change seasonally. You can also find many things used for making coffee, like coffee grinders, so this store is also great for those who love coffee. 


PASS THE BATONPASS THE BATON is a second-hand shop that gives a new life to old products, and the shop is located in a very beautiful renovated Kyoto townhouse. Once inside, the shop however feels modern, although with clear Kyoto-influences. On the first floor, there is a café where you can enjoy some afternoon tea or sake. 

6Yojiya Gion

Yojiya GionYojiya is one of the most well-known souvenir shops in Kyoto, and their most famous product is their blotting paper; it seems like everyone in Kyoto has tried it! You can get all kinds of cosmetics and makeup at Yojiya, and it’s a brand many women swear by. They have many shops in Kyoto, but their Gion shop is easy to drop by when sightseeing so it was the most popular on Sharing Kyoto in 2017. 


JusanyaJusanya has been making combs in Kyoto for a hundred years, and although their combs are made of wood, they are very light and easy to use. Hair combed by a traditional comb becomes straighter and more beautiful. They also sell hair accessories and maintenance oil, and the store is full of traditional Japanese atmosphere! 

4SOU・SOU tabi

SOU・SOU tabiSOU・SOU tabi is a store specializing in tabi, the socks and footwear made from cloth and usually worn when wearing a kimono. Some of their offerings are very modern, so they sell all kinds of tabi. Some are very colorful and almost look like sneakers. The socks and footwear here should also make great souvenirs. 


AritsuguThis store offering all kinds of knives is located in Nishiki Market, and it’s always full of tourists. And many of these tourists are chefs! Besides knives, they also sell things like shape cutters and sake cups, so you can enjoy this store even if you’re not into cooking. 

2Kyoto Yodobashi

Kyoto YodobashiKyoto Yodobashi is full of electronics! Everything from vacuum cleaners to Japanese rice cookers can be bought here, but they also sell wristwatches, video games, you name it. They also have English and Chinese speaking staff! 

1Kyo-Kiyomizuyaki Asahido Honten

Kyo-Kiyomizuyaki AsahidoAnd the first prize goes to Asahido! At Asahido you can get delicately crafted Kiyomizu-yaki pottery handmade by artisans. They don’t only sell teacups and bowls, but also bigger things like flowerpots too. You can find a café on the second floor, so you can have a break here from all the sightseeing and the climb up to Kiyomizu Temple. 

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
As you can see from the list, everyone seems to be into shops that sell Kyoto-esque products! Some of these shops have been in business for centuries, and make for great places to buy souvenirs. I personally want to recommend Asahi, I’m sure that by visiting this shop you’ll turn your dining table into a Japanese wonderland!
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