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The 7 best snacks you can have in Kyoto while sightseeing!

By getting some snacks in Kyoto, you can eat without wasting any sightseeing time! The most Instalicious treats in Kyoto!
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Most of the sweets and snacks in Kyoto can be had inside the shops and restaurants, but what if you want to have a picnic or just have something on the go? You get to both see the beautiful historic townscape of Kyoto while you also recharge your batteries with some yummy sweets. The trend among young Japanese women is to go to these places, and get some sweets like ice cream, and post pictures of the sweets with Kyoto as the background! So let’s go see which are the best ones to have in Kyoto!

1Sohonke Kawamichiya

Sohonke KawamichiyaHave you had buckwheat cookies before? They’re made from soba, a Japanese word for buckwheat. The simple taste of the buckwheat is something that brings back nostalgic memories for many, and the cookies are a healthy snack for everyone from children to grandparents. 


FukueidoThe round little dango sold here are very tasty, and the very fine red bean paste in them makes them a great little treat. They’re very small, so you can eat one quickly, so they’re perfect for having when on the move! 


KonnamonjaKyoto is famous for its tofu and soymilk, and here at Konnamonja you can enjoy the soymilk of Kyoto in a donut form. The soymilk donuts are not only delicious; they’re also a healthier alternative to normal donuts! 


NishitomiyaNishitomiya is a place specializing in Japanese croquettes called korokke, but theirs are a bit different from the normal ones. You can have them with all kinds of different fillings like blue cheese, or dried fruit and walnut. 

5Ice Roll Factory

Ice Roll FactoryIce Roll Factory offers you ice cream made on a cold plate, and topped with all kinds of colorful toppings, making a dessert that is perfect for Instagram. This trend started in New York, but now you can enjoy rolled ice cream in Kyoto too, so how about topping your ice cream with cookies and strawberries and enjoying it while you walk on the shopping street of Teramachi!


JEREMY&JEMIMAHHow big do you think the cotton candy is at Jeremy & Jemimah? It’s going to be bigger than that. They have many interesting tastes for you to try, but my recommendation would be their sakura-mochi one, as it tastes very Japanese and its pink! 

7Crepe Shop Sanjiya Kawaramachi Honten

Crepe Shop SanjiyaThese crepes are thin but tasty, and they’re filled with all kinds of fillings of your choice, from ice cream to whipped cream and toppings like tiramisu, but they even have a natto crepe too, for the adventurous among our readers. I want to especially recommend the matcha parfait crepe which uses matcha by the famous Tsujiri; it’s almost a classic already! 

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
In many countries, you can buy some snacks and eat them while walking and looking at things, but in Japan, this is usually not good manners. So it may be a better idea to have these snacks by the Kamo River, and just have a little picnic there.
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