Nov. 22, 2019 UPDATE

Kitchen of Kyoto! Five great & fun & busy shops at Nishiki Market!

Nishiki Market is full of interesting-looking things glittering in the light coming from the tricolored glass panels of its roof, but here are five shops you can’t miss!
Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market, also known as the kitchen of Kyoto, is a place every foreign tourist wants to go to when in this ancient city. Both sides of this narrow shopping street are lined with shops. You can find flowers, handicrafts, and all kinds of things to eat here – in other words, no matter what you want, Nishiki Market is selling it! This time we have five shops in Nishiki Market for you to enjoy. Some of them sell snacks, while others knives, but be sure to stop at each one of them when you go to the market.


AritsuguEvery time I walk through Nishiki Market, Aritsugu is full of people. Besides Japanese housewives I often see many foreign tourists browsing Aritsugu’s wares.

knivesBesides their famous knives, you can also buy shape cutters and other cooking utensils at Aritsugu. You can be sure you’re buying excellent products, as everything sold at Aritsugu is crafted one-by-one by a shokunin-bladesmith. If you buy a knife here for your mother or grandmother, I’m sure they will be really grateful!

2Uchida Tsukemono

Uchida TsukemonoKyoto is famous for its pickled vegetables, which in Japan are known as tsukemono. And at Uchida, you can buy seasonal pickled vegetables which are sold in the traditional style of Kyoto, from a wooden barrel.

tsukemono picklesThere are many kinds of tsukemono pickles for you to buy, so choosing is really difficult, but you can taste them before buying! No matter if you have your tsukemono with white rice, rice porridge, or with sake, they’re going to be tasting great if you buy them here!

3Kitchen Shop Kawataki-Kyoto

Kawataki-KyotoAt Kitchen Shop Kawataki-Kyoto, you can buy nice things from not only Kyoto but from all around Japan. So besides Kiyomizu-yaki porcelains, you can also get such nice things as Nanbu Tekki teaware and aprons made from recycled materials.

teacupThere is something very warm and welcoming about Japanese handicrafts, as each one of them is made with great care. Are you missing a teacup? After a visit to Kawataki-Kyoto, you won’t be anymore!


KonnamonjaKonnamonja is a shop famous for its delicious soymilk donuts, run by a tofu shop, so you can be sure of the quality of their soymilk. Their small soymilk donuts are a great snack to have when touring Nishiki Market.

donutsThe little donuts go through this machine and as they go, they take a dip in hot oil and so get deep-fried. The deep-fried donuts are then covered in roasted soybean flour and kuromitsu-syrup, making them even tastier. The texture of these donuts is very fluffy, and they have a nice fragrance. These would be the perfect thing to have for afternoon tea in Kyoto! I’m sure that after a few of these soymilk donuts you’d have plenty of energy to do some more sightseeing in Kyoto.

5Ochanoko-Saisai Nishiki

Ochanoko-SaisaiDo you like spicy things? Then you have to come to Ochanoko-Saisai Nishiki! They sell all kinds of Japanese chili-products, which will help make your food have that extra kick.

chipsTake for example these chips. If you try them, I’m sure your face will look like those of the maiko on the packaging! So spicy!

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Although Nishiki Market is very narrow, you can still find many interesting shops in it, and it’s easy to spend quite a long time just browsing the market. I personally really like the soymilk donuts; their taste is something I always find myself thinking of. The best way to enjoy the market is by tasting as much street food as possible!
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