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What to get as souvenirs from Kyoto? 5 shops with cookies so delicious you won’t believe it!

There is so much to choose in Kyoto when it comes to edible souvenirs, but if you like Japanese cookies, be sure to check out this article and the best cookies in Kyoto! But be careful, the cookies are addictive!
Kameya Yoshinaga

When thinking of what edible souvenirs to buy from Kyoto, most of you probably think of matcha-flavored sweets right away. Of course, these are great, and you can even find matcha cookies, but there is so much more to cookies in Kyoto than just matcha. There are so many types of cookies sold in Kyoto, but if you read this article, you can find out which are the crunchiest, most fragrant cookies that you can get. So let’s start on our journey to find the best cookies for some afternoon tea Kyoto-style!


Kogetsu is a shop which was founded in 1945, and you can find it in the CUBE shopping center below Kyoto Station. Th wavy senbei-cookies sold here are crispy, but also very soft inside, and there is some yummy cream in the middle (tasting of matcha, hojicha, or vanilla). It’s hard to stop eating Kogetsu’s cookies, they’re so good!

2MALEBRANCHE Kiyomizu-zaka StoreMALEBRANCHEcookiesClose to Kiyomizu Temple, you can find one of Kyoto’s most famous souvenir shops, MALEBRANCHE. Almost everyone will get their Cha no Ka cookies when they come to Kiyomizu Temple, as these matcha cookies hit a nice balance between sweetness and bitterness of green tea. They also have cookies in the shape of the Chinese letters for Kyoto, be sure to also check those out!

3Marukyu Koyamaen Nishinotoin Motoan Tea HouseMarukyu Koyamaenmatcha sweetsMarukyu Koyamaen was founded around the year 1700, and it’s one of the most famous brands in Kyoto when it comes to matcha. They are famous for their cookie rolls, which are crispy and have a nice slight bitterness to them.

4Murakami KaishindoMurakami Kaishindobox of cookiesMurakami Kaishindo is famous for their “Russian cakes” (they’re actually cookies with jam in the middle), but this box of cookies you can order at their shop is also something of note.

5Yoshimura Wagashi-tenYoshimura Wagashi-tencookies made from fuThis shop is actually run by the long-established wagashi-shop Kameya Yoshinaga, and Yoshimura Wagashi-ten tries to make Japanese sweet something healthier. In the picture, you can see Yakihozui – Seeds which contains cookies made from fu, or wheat gluten, which means that these cookies are just melt-in-your-mouth healthiness.

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Kyoto’s cookies don’t only look nice, but they also taste good, and they all have a nice crunch to them. So naturally, they’re perfect souvenirs to get when in Kyoto! Remember to save some yen to get as many types of cookies as you can! I’m sure that the cookies of Kyoto are something every cookie-lover will appreciate.
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