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Shops where you can buy cute candy in Kyoto

I’ll tell you about the shops in Kyoto where you can buy candy!

There are many places in Kyoto selling candy that not only look colorful but also taste delicious. The candy sold in Kyoto doesn’t only feel very Japanese, but they also don’t weight much, so they’re convenient as souvenirs! Also, they’re cheaper than other souvenirs so you can buy a lot and give some to your friends.

1CrochetCrochetKyo-ameThe “Kyo-ame” candies of Crochet, located close to Fujii Daimaru Department store, are all handmade in Kyoto.There is a meaning behind the colors of the candies, and they’re also named after these meanings. I hope you will also note that the names of the products are also available in English. You could choose your candy based on the taste, but it’s also fun to choose based on the color.

2MarunMaruncute productsMarun has shops close to such popular sightseeing spots as Nishiki Market and Gion. Their specialty is that they sell many colorful and cute products. The candies in these jars are especially cute so they’re my recommendation.

3nanaco plus+nanaco plus+real candyThere is a shop close to Kawaramachi, nanaco plus+, that sells accessories made from real candy. They sell such accessories as earrings, broaches, and cellphone straps. Besides their accessories, they of course also sell unique, cute, edible candy too.

4JEREMY & JEMIMAHJEREMY & JEMIMAHcotton candyJeremy & Jemimah is a shop close to Yasui Konpiragu Shrine specializing in Kyoto-like cotton candy. After ordering, you get to see up-close how cotton candy is made. The best thing about this shop is that you can taste some unusual Japanese flavors like matcha and umeboshi (dried plum). Great for snacking on the go!

Yumemi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
You can find many places in Kyoto selling candy that is so cute it’s fun to just look at them. Candy may not be a classic souvenir choice, but you can feel something Japanese in them. When you come to Kyoto, I hope you will pop into the shops I introduced to you in this article.
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