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Top 5 Unique Kyoto Restaurants Offering Takeout

In this article, we’ll be looking at our top 5 favorite unique, specialist cafés and shops that offer takeout!
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While Kyoto is full of things to see and do and is a super fun place to walk around, do you know what makes it even more fun? Doing that same walk with a tasty sandwich in one hand and a delicious dessert in the other!

In this article, we’ll be looking at our top 5 favorite unique, specialist cafés and shops that offer takeout!

rice ballsao onigiri is a small rice ball shop specializing in fresh, handmade onigiri rice balls.

At ao onigiri, you can pick yourself up takeout rice balls made right infront of you by owner Aomatsu himself.

The rice balls you get at convenience stores or bento shops simply can’t compete with the fluffy, freshly hand-pressed rice balls of ao onigiri.

When you order three or more rice balls (\500 and up), they come wrapped in a bamboo sheath. This awesomely traditional way of wrapping the rice balls makes them just that much more delicious, so don’t miss your chance to give ao onigiri a try for yourself!


caféHAPPY BUNS is a café specializing in, well, buns.

Although, they also serve hot dogs too! Some of their hot dogs include wonderfully Kyoto-esque toppings like white miso and purple shibazuke pickles!

In addition to their awesome looking bread rolls and hot dogs, HAPPY BUNS is also known for its massive selection of pour-over coffees.

With the famous Sanjusangendo Temple and Kiyomizu-dera Temple nearby, HAPPY BUNS is in a great area for wandering.

So if the weather’s nice out, then pick yourself up some takeout and see where the road takes you.

Matcha Republic

Uji matchaMatcha Republic is a café that specializes in sweets and drinks made using high-grade Uji matcha.

Two of Matcha Republic’s most popular drinks are their staple matcha latte and original Rock Salt Cheese Matcha Latte.

They also give you these awesome paper cup holders with handles when you get your drinks to go.

Since the cup holders have a handle, not only are they easy to carry and make sure nothing gets spilled, they look pretty swank too.

We have no doubt that dropping by Matcha Republic will make any trip to Uji just that much more exciting!


CROQUETTE Located near the downtown temple of Seigan-ji, VILLE DE CROQUETTE is, as its name suggests, a croquette shop.

VILLE DE CROQUETTE crumbs its croquettes with a range of unique Kyoto ingredients, including, of course, bread crumbs, Japanese kurumabu (baked wheat gluten), matcha soumen (a type of super-thin noodle) and bubuarare (fried mochi sprinkles). Whatever surprises the outside might hold, it’s always certain to go perfectly with the filling.

As these are classic long, thin croquettes, they’re easy to eat while walking around. So next time you’re wandering the shop-filled-streets of downtown Kyoto, pick yourself up a uniquely Kyoto-esque croquette while you’re at it.

soft serve

Hana IceHana Ice is a sweets shop specializing in white miso-based desserts.

The wonderfully Kyoto-like white miso soft serve has the perfect palace of sweet and salty and will have you coming back for bite after bite until the tip of the cone.

Not only that, but the soft serve also uses soy milk, making it super healthy as well!

Hana Ice is located right by the Tofuku-ji Temple, so it’s the perfect place to drop by for an ice cream while you’re on your way to Tofuku-ji or Fushimi Inari Shrine.

Yumemi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Walking around Kyoto, you’ll find your fair share of lovely shops and beautiful sights. So if it’s nice out, then I recommend staying off buses or trains and opting to walk where you need to go as you never know what you might find. If this sounds like your way of traveling, then drop by some of the awesome shops I introduced above as you wander!
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