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Greatest shops in Kyoto offering food to go

Introducing the best shops in Kyoto for takeout snacks!
takeout snacks

There are sightseeing spots all around Kyoto, so walking here is fun. Although it’s fun just to walk, it is even more fun to walk while eating some delicious bread and sweets! So this time I’m going to introduce to you some great takeout snacks you can enjoy while traveling in Kyoto!

1PotetonchiPotetonchijuicePotetonchi is a shop specializing in mashed potatoes. First, choose the type of mashed potato you want to have, and then the sauce and toppings (they have over 20 different kinds of sauces), and you will have customized your very own mashed potato snack. You can even eat the bowl and spoon, so there will be no trash. Kyoto’s summers are very hot, so how about enjoying a vegetable smoothie made with local ingredients or a juice and vinegar mix with your mashed potato? 

2HAPPY BUNSHAPPY BUNSbakery-caféHAPPY BUNS is a bakery-café specializing in koppepan, a type of fluffy Japanese bread. The Kyoto-like fillings stand out. The atmosphere of the bakery, which is in a traditional machiya townhouse, but which still feels very chic with its white color scheme, is relaxed. This bakery is a great place to visit while on a walk. 

3VILLE DE CROQUETTEVILLE DE CROQUETTEJapanese croquettesVILLE DE CROQUETTE is a shop specializing in Japanese croquettes, also known as korokke, located close to Seigan-ji Temple. They use fresh panko (breadcrumbs), kurumabu (wheel-shaped fu), matcha somen noodles, bubu arare (tiny rice crackers), and other unique ingredients to coat the delicious croquettes. The croquettes are elongated in shape making them easy to hold in your hands and to eat.  

4SanjiyaSanjiyacrepeSanjiya is a crepe shop close to Kawaramachi. Their specialty is the moistness and chewiness of their crepes. They have many kinds of crepes for you to choose from, both sweet and savory. The crepes are priced reasonably, but they’re also very big. 

Yumemi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
You often run into great shops and beautiful scenery when walking in Kyoto. If the weather is nice, it’s a good idea to take a walk and see what kinds of new shops you run into. When walking in Kyoto, please also keep in mind the shops I introduced to you in this article!
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