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QINUDE – the Kyoto Sovuniers Keeping Traditional Kimono and Silk Alive

QINUDE is a skincare brand using the same ingredients as those found in the kimono of famed Kyoto Yuzen fabrics maker, Chiso.

Since ancient times, silk has been used in traditional Japanese clothing and kimono. However, over time, Japanese people have begun to have fewer and fewer opportunities to wear such traditional dresses, and the demand for silk has fallen dramatically.

Also, with added pressure from undercutting foreign suppliers and the rapid aging of silkworm farmers, the Japanese silk industry began falling by the wayside. As a result of the industry beginning to die out, the number of silk farmers fell from over two million to only around 400. In order to provide Japanese silk farmers with a source of revenue, and support and revive the Japanese silk industry, a silk revival project called the “Kenko Project” was established.

By taking home QINUDE’s products and introducing those around you to another side of Japanese culture, you too can help support the revival of this ancient industry.

The Birth of QINUDE

The Birth of QINUDE
In an era when the conservation of culture and traditions is becoming more and more difficult, the silk revival project aims to not only support the final product of the kimono but everything goes into making them. This includes supporting and protecting the techniques of the craftspeople who weave the fabrics and design the beautiful patterns of the kimono. This endeavor to support the passing down of Japan’s world-famous cultural icon, the kimono, to future generations, gave birth to the skincare brand, QINUDE.

Attributes of QINUDE

Attributes of QINUDEQINUDE is a skincare brand selling products made from ingredients found in raw silk. This precious silk holds only 1% of the market share domestically and is the same as that used in the kimono of renown Kyoto Yuzen fabrics maker, Chiso. As the ingredients used are practically the same as those in your skin, the creams are easily absorbed and give you beautiful and healthy skin. Additionally, the relaxing yuzu inspired citrus aroma brings to mind images of beautiful Kyoto.

Selling Point

Selling PointQINUDE Skincare Trial Set

¥2,980 (Excl. Tax)/per box – contains 30ml bottles

The QINUDE trial set contains a cleanser, lotion, and moisturizing milk; perfect for traveling or just trying out. The packaging comes in four designs, three taken from Chiso kimono and one created with inspiration from silk cocoons. This beautiful and very Kyoto skincare set is the perfect souvenir for loved ones.


CarriersQINUDE is carried by a store called SOHYA TAS in Kyoto’s Karasuma Sanjo area. SOHYA TAS is owned by yuzen fabrics maker Chiso and offers a range of items such as shawls which all reflect the refined aesthetics and techniques of their parent store that have been handed down for over 460 years. The products at SOHYA TAS are of such quality that they truly enrich your life.

yuzen In addition to products made with traditional yuzen dyeing techniques, there are folding fans, handkerchiefs, and other such classically Japanese items. 

line up of itemsAmong a line up of items showcasing the incredibleness of Japanese culture and tradition, and kimono and silk, you will find QINUDE.

At SOHYA TAS, you can purchase the skincare trial set, containing a cleanser, lotion, and moisturizing milk, and the silk amino drink. 

 By using QINUDE, you will not only feel Japanese culture literally on your skin but support both the kimono and silk industries of Japan. 


Business Hours: 11:00~17:00

Location: Chiso Bld.1F, 80 Mikuracho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan 604-8166

Directions: 3-minute walk from exit 6 of the Karasumaoike Subway Station

Closed: Wednesdays 

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
I was incredibly moved by the silk revival project, which was set up to help support and protect Japanese traditions and culture. At first, I was utterly unable to imagine what a skincare product that uses the same silk as that found in kimono would be like, but after trying it the first time, I was amazed. It absorbed quickly and made my skin silky smooth. Also, the yuzu aroma gives it this added calming feeling. Not only do these products support good skin, but they also support the exceptional Japanese culture that is kimono and silk. So if you get the opportunity, definitely pick up some for yourself.
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