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Birth place: Osaka
How would you describe Kyoto in one sentence?: Kyoto is safe.
My Kyoto Recommendations:
Area: Imperial Palace & Teramachi
Things to Do: Gear
Restaurants: Grill Ninjin
Shops: Pokémon Center Kyoto
Events: Toshiya
If you have not been Kyoto yet, your image of Kyoto might be of temples and traditional buildings. Of course there are many temples and traditional buildings in Kyoto, but there are also places in Kyoto where there are more and more new buildings and shops. Kyoto is also a place where old and new fuse to create something completely different. In this way Kyoto is evolving every day. The raison d’être of Sharing Kyoto is to get you, the reader, to be so fascinated with this ever-changing ancient capital that you will want to come to Kyoto not only once, but many times.
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