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Birth place: Tokyo
Birth year: 1986
Languages: Japanese
Career and works: Web page development and directing. Currently working on Sharing Kyoto as administrator and editor.
Place I've ever lived: Tokyo, Kyoto
Place I've ever traveled: U.S.A., U.K., Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece
Place I love the most: Kyoto, Okinawa
Must do things when I travel: I always buy two travel books. First book consists of the most famous and must-see spots of that destination, and the second book consists of minor spots that mostly locals visit. I like to make sure my trip will be fun by purchasing two types of travel books.
Hobbies: I like to go around and find great places to eat, enjoy music concerts, and playing golf.
Favorite foods: Yakiniku, Grilled fish, Sushi, Soba, Ramen
My special skills: I’m good at giving recommendations for places to eat by listening to the person’s needs.
I want to show visitors the good things Kyoto has to offer that I see through my daily life. With that in mind, I administer Sharing Kyoto. One of the great things about Kyoto is that it’s full of both new and old things. There are many long-standing shops, temples and machiya houses. Treasuring traditional things while creating new culture and movement is what Kyoto is all about. Accepting all kinds of people and welcoming them to learn about the city are wonderful appealing points of Kyoto.
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