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Birth place: Finland
How would you describe Kyoto in one sentence?: A place where traditional and modern meet with emphasis on the traditional.
My Kyoto Recommendations:
Area: Gion & Kiyomizu Temple
Things to Do: Shisen-do
Restaurants: Com Ngon
Shops: Tozando Shogoin Store
Events: Higashiyama Hanatoro
Like I said, I like walking around in Kyoto, and am not afraid of taking detours. I like reading, photography, and go (the board game). As a go player I am still only a 5 kyu but I would like to get to a dan level within 20 years. I also enjoy photography and especially lusting after new cameras and lenses. Currently I am using a Sony Nex 6 but looking forwards to upgrading to something nicer, maybe something full-frame or something from Fujifilm.
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