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Birth place: Himeji city in Hyogo prefecture
How would you describe Kyoto in one sentence?: Natural things and manmade things form a symbiosis in Kyoto.
My Kyoto Recommendations:
Area: Okazaki & Heian Shrine
Things to Do: Togetsu-kyo Bridge
Restaurants: Sakai
Shops: Osugi Shoten
Events: Mitarashi Festival
I was born in Hyogo prefecture, but once I came to Kyoto I felt the charm of the city and decided that I want to live in Kyoto, so that is how I ended up here all the way from Hyogo. Having lived in Kyoto, I now like Kyoto even more than before! Even though Kyoto is a city it is still quiet, there are many good shops, and no end to the charm of the ancient capital! I will strive to share information about Kyoto from a local’s perspective by writing many new articles!
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