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Birth place: Takamatsu in Kagawa Prefecture in Shikoku
How would you describe Kyoto in one sentence?: A unique city in where the traditions are kept intact but there are also new things born here that live in harmony with those traditions.
My Kyoto Recommendations:
I was not born in Kyoto, but when I was a university student in Osaka, I was charmed by the city of Kyoto and started to love this city. I came to Kyoto every week to take walks, but as I was doing so, I noticed that the scenery changed every time, and my impression of Kyoto as an old city changed. Of course, there are shrines, temples, and traditions in Kyoto that seem to never change, and this is a big part of the charm of Kyoto. On the other hand, there are more and more restaurants and sightseeing facilities in Kyoto and the interestingness of Kyoto is growing every day. Through Sharing Kyoto I will relay to you the charm of the long traditions and also the new and interesting things happening in Kyoto. There are no other cities as interesting as Kyoto!
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