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About Me
Birth place: Hyogo
Birth year: 1985
Languages: Japanese
Career and works: Web designer, Creative designer
Place I've ever lived: Kyoto, Shiga
Place I've ever traveled: Hawaii and Australia
Place I love the most: Kyoto
Must do things when I travel: I try to go out with a small bag and talk to local people in order to ask their recommended shops and spots.
Hobbies: Kendo, softball and ramen noodle tour with my wife
Favorite foods: Ramen, Kanimiso
My special skills: Eat fast, clean and finish all!
I am Yama who is a designer and a passionate ramen lover. Even though most of the ramen noodles are offered less than 1000 yen, it has an infinite variety of tastes and is filled with passion and thoughts of ramen chefs. I’ve had countless number of ramen, but I never get bored or tired of ramen. Rather, I’m excited and thrilled to find out the new ramen shops. I would love to share my pleasures and surprises in our website “Sharing Kyoto”.
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